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Meet Nicole Kelly, M. D. Author of 69 Shades of Nashville: Sociopathic Sex Southern Style welcomes as our guest Nicole Kelly, M. D. Nicole is the author of 69 Shades of Nashville: Sociopathic Sex Southern Style. Nicole is an established Nashville physician who had first-hand experience dealing with the manipulations of a sociopath.

Meet Nicole Kelly, M. D. Author of 69 Shades of Nashville: Sociopathic Sex Southern Style

Norm: Good day Nicole and thanks for participating in our interview. How did you become involved with the subject or theme of your book and how did you decide you were ready to write the book?

Nicole: If you had told me three years ago that I would write a novel about a married sociopathic sex addict on a cheaters’ website, I would have thought you were delusional.

Writing a book has always been a goal of mine, and over the last two decades I started—but never finished--several non-fiction medical projects. Everyday life kept getting in the way of book completion.

It took the betrayal of someone whom I considered a trusted friend—along with the theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars—to kick start my writing process.

Originally, I wrote as a form of therapy to understand how I could have been so gullible as to allow this to happen. As I began to piece together all of her stories and lies, I suddenly realized my ex-friend is a sociopathic sex addict.

I had studied Anti-Social Personality Disorder (more commonly called “sociopathy” or “psychopathy”) in medical school, but my understanding was only of the violent psychopath who murders, commits arson, hurts animals, and ends up in jail.

I was ignorant of the intelligent sociopath who wears a mask to deceive her lack of empathy. Most sociopaths are not imprisoned but are among us—hiding in plain sight.

What started as therapy turned into a mission to educate the public about a type of person who sees us as pawns to manipulate for personal gain. Sociopaths run our country, companies, and churches but most of us are completely unaware they exist.

When giving lectures, I often find that too many facts and not enough story puts people to sleep. Although modified into a fictional format with all identifying information changed, my ex-friend supplied enough stor