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Angelina Jolie 's 'Code of Success & Fulfillment...' 'The Power of Nothing...'

Angelina Jolie 's   'Code of Success & Fulfillment...'  'The Power of Nothing...'Angelina Jolie, born in an actors family, was raised basically in the filming industries. While at age five she got her first role in a movie of her father, John Voigt, she never got a steady relationship with him. He left his wife and children Angelina age one. Her mother abandoned the filming  industry to focus on raising her children with a very modest income. In her childhood time Angelina watched many movies picturing her mother.
Her school years were troubling since because she was skinny by nature she was regarded as an outcast. Her mother entered her into a career of modeling where she didn't succeeded. Once transferred schools she became a punk, wearing black close. In these troubled years she developed an eating disorder and became addicted to all kinds of abusive substances.
NumoQuest© Profiler®
NumoQuest© Profiler® reveals she has a very world wide vision and by heart philanthropic. She is seeking worlds peace and equality and does this by heart. Her other side is the side of a natural mother, wanting to care and create a home. Her Soft Skills shows that she has a huge mental ability what also has shown mental troubles she endured before starting to adopt children. She also has a huge natural sense for business and entrepreneurship as well as a huge natural for Inspiration and communication. All very well known aspects the audience without doubt recognizes in Angelina.
'Code of Success & Fulfillment'
All that Angelina does, by heart, is Acting becoming to her Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills. If there is a person demonstrating this in such obviousness it is Angelina. She is most inspirational which is contributing and an accelerator to her other natural side. Acting. That natural born aspect, and no doubt the environment where she is born in, opens doors, she walks way beyond the movies industries.
1% League
Not only is Angelina a gifted Actress. She has committed herself to world wide issues she demonstrates by using her personal strongest Soft Skills. Combining her natural sense of business, networking, Inspiration and Communication, she shares these abilities with and for others, world wide. All these Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills combined has brought her into her personals 1% League where she demonstrates all. A tribute to how the Universal Principles such as the ways the 'Code of Success & Fulfillment...' are working in all and everyone.
Share, share, share ....
Part of the undefined omnipotent, universal principles is the sharing part. By heart and nature wealth and fame are only a carrier enabling Angelina to travel, making statements, in the higher circles of influential people for sake of those in need. This sense for sharing comes forth out of her Natural Born Talent and Soft Skills being philanthropic. By demonstration she shows the world to her personal convictions, hoping people will follow here in these endeavors.
Angelina Jolie demonstrates what truly Acting becoming her Natural Born talents and Soft Skills may result to and shows that the financial or material side of it all, are just 'byproducts' rather then the objective in the endeavor.
Have a Ball finding your Natural Born talents and Soft Skills first than start to Act accordingly so you also may reach your individuals 1% League as for all of you there is one. And please, don't forget, start to Share ... this ...  :O)