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Barcelona, the day after .... 'The Power of Nothing...'

Barcelona, the day after .... 'The Power of Nothing...'

Beside the feeling of horror and awe, I, you, dear reader, feel by the surreal acts on the Rambla in Barcelona, we can't just start to comment massive and pay our Respect and Sympathies to those hit, becoming victim at the same time. I like to, with all Respect for the victims, and knowledge of terror, draw few fact and thought here, where I hope you, dear reader,  like to take into deep consideration.

The faces of war...
For many years, quite some countries of the western hemisphere, have played a vital role in all kinds of acts of war and terror in the Middle East and the African continent. Were it not taking side, it were in selling arms and ammunition and even send 'advisors'.  This is going on since WW2. That also means that one, over generations, understandably contributed to a situation where people, having nothing to lose, will turn into violent people, since they grew up with it.

Faces of Terror
The face of terror is simply the universal principle of acting in a manner bringing the most of fear and damages in unexpected ways, with all means available anywhere, with the objective to spread fear and damages in the widest extend possible. Another face of terror is that once one think it is eradicated, it will go underground like a hidden disease, the point where we sadly regretfully and predictably have come to.

EU, Brussels, Open Doors...
Juncker, Timmermans, Merkel, Macron, Rutte, and many more, advocate the principle that all are welcome in Europe opening the doors to refugees, without any reservation, using whatever vile reasoning and blatant lie. Let's address this issue micro/macro. Basically what these 'leaders' say is you must open you door to anyone 'in need', without checking if someone in deed is in need or simply looking for a better economic life. Regardless those refugees, 'lost' and/or acting in crime, with utter disregard and disrespect for your way of life, to you and the members of your house These 'leaders' proclaim, you must accept these, for any ill reason and blatant lie. Those 'leaders' serving themselves and 'proclaimed elite' utter well.

What these 'leaders' basically say is that the acts of war, committed by those already 'in', are just an 'ill by effect' which you and I, dear reader, have to accept as fact of life. Of course they will stand, as of today, denouncing and condemning in strongest words these horrific act of Barcelona, and elsewhere, which they, by act, have created and grossly are responsible of themselves by previous political act.

Only One Way to say ...
There never ever has been an