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Become Better ... Through Repetition ... 'The Powers of Nothing...'

Become Better ... Through Repetition ... 'The Powers of Nothing...'Gǎi Shàn  The older Chinese Universal Principle of Kai Zen, translates, as one can see, similar in both language characters. From where we stand, in bringing you the free Universal Principles ideally, free as they are themselves, we like to debunk Kai Zen for you.

What is important to understand, after studying the way of Aikido, for more then thirty five years,  the universal principle of Kai Zen, also has been commercialized and called these days as sigma lean. as if that is something 'incredible' and 'awesome' for your corporation or endeavor. Here also we portray that it is Choice if one wants to pay for something entirely free in existence or not. If you want to pay, just contact us..... we have the 'Code' for you...  ;O)
Gǎi Shàn and  Kai Zen are Principles, not a commercial product. Basically put it states... 'Improve through Repetition...'  This principle isn't any new at all since it is Universal Principle that constant improvement is taking place anywhere you look, anything you can think of. In human terms it is part of your DNA to improve through repetition. Everything in your character, in your personal system, anything one does, at sport, at work is because of Repetition.
A child and natural repetition....
A baby does only one thing by Natural Design. When it's hungry it 'motivates' the mother to feed it. If it's thirsty it 'motivates' the mother to nourish it. If it feels alone, cold, again, it 'moves' in the way that 'motivates' the mother to fulfill it's need. The mother on her term, not having any code, not having any %$#@#$$% manual of the child, improves by repetition, what the child means as well as the child starts to mimic the mother, at one point. The mother encourages th