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Bitcoin mining farm raided by police .... under suspicion of 'white washing...!?!?!

Bitcoin mining farm raided by police .... under suspicion of 'white washing...!?!?!
On Tuesday March 13, in Tilburg Netherlands a forty three year old man was arrested for, what police calls '... operating an illegal bitcoin mining farm...!?!' The energy company Enexis found the increased energy use at a certain location was suspicious and an inspector was send to investigate. In the Netherlands energy suppliers are installing special devices in areas showing a sudden unusual increased energy use. The inspector of Enexis informed the police who promptly acted.
In the raid that followed twenty one computers were seized in what the police called 'an illegal bitcoin mining production scheme...!?! ' They are treating the matter as 'a criminal white washing scheme', a spokesman of the police told reporters. Inspectors of the energy company found an illegal connection where the computers whereto connected. Reporters now are questioning if the reasoning of the police is hold up in court since mining bitcoins isn't illegal at all and there are no laws prohibiting mining of crypto currencies. Beside the computers police also seized the car and 'other' installed devices.
The police officer publishing the news told reporters she has no knowledge nor expertise in the matter of crypto currency and legislation...!?!! A Dutch IT legal specialist deemed the arrest and the used legal reasoning of the police 'creative' and is most curious if the reasoning will hold up in court.  Since no other illegal acts have been detected nor established, the court now is to rule where the only established 'criminal act' is 'stealing' energy and there have been no acts of white washing what so ever.
This matter is most interesting since in the Netherlands criminals using 'objects' to grow marijuana by tapping energy illegally, and can be prosecuted since growing marijuana is illegal. Comparing mining bitcoins by using illegal tapping of energy the same way as growing marijuana, deeming mining bitcoins where the energy is an 'illegal obtained product',  may show a bridge to far in the matter.  The 'white washing' how ever remains an aspect very difficult to prove for the police since there is no legislation covering such in terms and combination of mining bitcoins.
Many in the Netherlands are reacting on the matter deeming the swift action by the police, compared with the lack of action experienced by citizens in the Netherlands on many other experienced instances, in the least is called remarkable. Many deem there is much more to this fast action than sole discovering an illegal tapping of energy alone...
To be continued ...