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Celine Dion 'The Code of Success & Fulfillment...' 'The Power of Nothing...'

Celine Dion  'The Code of Success & Fulfillment...'   'The Power of Nothing...' Celine Dion, born as 14th in a large Roman Catholic family Charlemagne, Quebec. Her father was butcher and her mother stayed home. Singing was something common in the family and at age five she had her first 'public performance' at the wedding of an older brother. Not born and raised in wealth, her passion for singing has come natural since very early. When she was twelve her mother introduced her to René Angélil, himself once a singer, born out of Syrian/Lebanese immigrants,  later small music producer. He was so impressed of the voice qualities of Celine that he mortgaged his house to finance the career of Celine.
Although she published some records in Canada, her first fame came in 1982 where she became gold medal winner of the World Song Festival in Tokio in 1983. Her hit single, the cover of 'The Power of Love...' , first sang by Jennifer Rush, made her a household name in the United States and Europe. De rest is history.
Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills  For those of the 1% League, the Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills   are quite early emerging. When understanding ones strongest natural born assets, using that, door, becoming these Talents, open and all one has to do is to ACT upon these chances and opportunities.
No limits, no right, no wrong, no good, no bad
According the Universal Principles, omnipotent, working in and through all, man made limitations, rule, codes of conduct, the idea of good/bad, right /wrong, simply doesn't exist. Also the concept of 'ownership' or 'exclusive' rights of a certain level of 'Knowledge' is simply something man invented to suppress others. The Universal Principles are above that. Every person understanding ones personal Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills, simply have to ACT according these and the Universal Principles will ACT upon that. No more no less. 
You are UniQue The combination of ones Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills   makes one UniQue. Take also in consideration that everyone is born out of two UniQue parents, on a UniQue moment, somewhere in the world, and one can easily see how UniQue YOU are. That means what you can do Best, according your UniQue Talents and Soft Skills, will automatically bring you on YOUR UniQue path or way. Giving you UniQue opportunities and open doors to Act upon.
Copying copies utter useless If you read this, and perhaps followed motivational speakers, attending their seminars, payed, you frequently visited coaches, read books, one liners, white papers, of all the famous and Successful in the world. Perhaps read about law of attraction, the secret, you thought of 'doing what they do...' , without real result or success. Then here it is why all that doesn't work. They are NOT YOU! The way they walk, the moments of their open doors, their opportunities, are equally UiQue as their individuals Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills . And 95% of all the books, white papers, one liners, law of attraction, the secret, motivational speakers or coaches, won't help you a bit else then the knowledge that those who are Successful and Fulfilling, have found their individual Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills and Act alone becoming to that. Once they understand, they arrived in their individuals 1% Leagues. When are you finding out what your Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills  are, when are you truly walking your path?
When you truly just do that, forget all judgement and opinion to and from others, you truly will find 'Success & Fulfillment...' You will find it as it's suppose to be....  YOUR UNIQUE WAY...!
Have a great ball just doing that and .... never be selfish, Share this....  :O)