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Discrimination, Racism. Most abused buzzwords in the world...

 Discrimination, Racism. Most abused buzzwords in the world...If there are two most abused buzzwords in the world, they are Discrimination and Racism. These two 'cards' are drawn by many, in many useless and nonsense debates, lawsuits, publications and abused statements world wide. Some draw the card to get subsidized, advertisers and entrepreneurs think they're smart to abuse these two buzzwords, many individuals draw these cards to camouflage ones personal ignorance, often downright stupidity. Protest groups draw these cards as a symbol of veil extortion to suppress all others not sharing there view. Commerce and politicians abuse these two buzzwords for profit or vile personal gain. Before you, dear reader, drown in your coffee or tea, cough out your food out of shear frustration and objection ....
Perhaps many of you simply haven't paid any attention during your education time and course.....
Discrimination, a vile abused word, even punishable in globally many law books and legislation, please look in the mirror. Every time you look into the mirror, you there, outside  enjoying all splendor of nature, you animal lovers.
You are the outcome of an Universal Principle  you so often abuse.... Discrimination. For out of the billions of sperm cells, the millions of women's eggs, only one, shall be chosen hence, the most splendor of discrimination at work. Discrimination is THE universal principle of our existence. So next time one uses the discrimination card, think of the fact that every time you want to use it, basically what you say is that your existence is at steak since ones existence couldn't have been without the ancient universal principle of Discrimination.
One can debate the moon to Mars. Thing here is, on earth, there is an exploding virus roaming. That virus is called ,'Homo Sapiens...' If you don't know the meaning, google it.  Homo Sapiens is scientifically and biologically the name of the now living generations '(Wo)Man' There is only one human race. Not many races. One, for sake of claiming victory in debate or vile politics, or in court, exclaim there are many human races. Fact simply remain that there is only one Human Race called Homo Sapiens. A Monkey is a monkey whether it is a Bonobo, Orangutan, Chimpanzee, Capuchin, white backed mountain Gorilla. A bird is a bird if one talks about a chicken, duck, flamingo, ostrich or the bald eagle. A dog is a dog regardless if the specie is German Sheppard, Bulldog, Chihuahua, Dene or a boxer. 
By simple understandable ancient Universal Principle and design we experience something splendid called biodiversity. That fact is only very simple to understand if on looks to the various extraordinary nature we have on earth. People and animal, in their power and existence, simply are doing one thing. Survive. Regardless what we have developed to do just that, that is all we do.
Bottom line....
Next time you hear or see or read anyone pulling these two most abused buzzwords in the world, do yourself a huge favor. Quit putting any focus, energy or attention into it. You are contributing to the fact of the abuse and are drawn into something that is quite dumb and useless, if one like to think of it that way.. Simply turn. Turn in one simple thought .... that the greatness and splendor of YOU, is the most strongest and beautiful outcome of two most abused buzz words.

Discrimination and Race

All those say otherwise .... poor you....

Have a great and splendid weekend all.... and perhaps one likes to remember this once in a while.... ;O)

Numo Quest 10/3/2018 · #3

#1 Thanks a million for your reply. I like to clarify that 'buzzwords', according fashionable (ab)use, are used in exaggerating sense to press or urge 'an audience', to agree emotionally with just that. Abuse imho is simply ill use of  lenguage in general. Imho both words are paradoxes in closer sense. :0)

Numo Quest 14/3/2018 · #2

#1 Thanks a million for your reply dear Pascal. I think we have found common ground here :O)))

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Pascal Derrien 10/3/2018 · #1

While I agree that they are overused and sometimes misused I don't think they are buzz words they there are abuse words......:-)