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Donald Trump 'The Code of Success & Fufillment...'

Donald Trump      'The Code of Success & Fufillment...' Donald Trump, forty fifth President of the United States, business and real estate tycoon, started his empire with a 'small loan' of one million dollar of his father and made out of that all that he is today. One loves him, the other hates him. Only few are simply in between and even less seems to have it to remain neutral.
Marrying Melania, his third marriage seizing the opportunity becoming President of the United States where many deem Trump unfit for office. It isn't lightly that personally Trump has any eye for what people think of him since there is simply one thing his primary focus:  Business.
NumoQuest® Profiler®
NumoQuest® Profiler® reveals his Natural Born Talents such as his sense for freedom, independence, adventure, travel but also understanding people by heart and a natural for manipulation. He is fact and documentation driven and acts upon that where many think he is acting without clear reason. Here on is to understand the swift thinker understanding very well on which facts he decides. Think of him what you want, he simply doesn't care. Simply look what he has accomplished.
Soft Skills reveals his strongest assets that beside business his strongest Natural Born assets are Perseverance, Resilience, Inspiring and Strong Labor Ethos.
'Code of Success & Fulfillment...'
His way of looking at business in a non-personal sense, knowing the American legal system by heart, on several accounts he Used the legal system to trim debts of a number of his business, 'administrative bankrupt'. There was never a file for personal bankruptcy, he simply found his 'Code for Success & Fulfillment...' since that what was where in he was raised. Since childhood he was in there since his mother was an agent in real estate and all his school education in line with getting his Bachelors of Science Degree.  After receiving a 'small loan' of one million dollar, of his father, he simply did what he was brought up in, real estate. The way he conducts his business, simply has been sampling that what he KNOW best to succeed.
Vision, Focus, Achievement
Trump understands that in order to Achieve and Succeed, one need to have Vision and Focus, both he has by heart. Understanding that allowing intrusion on the way to these set objectives, on a higher level, his act and stand is in complete line with his Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills but also entirely in line with the 'Code of Success & Fulfillment...' becoming that. The combination in appearance isn't always to the 'likes' of others, something not really bothering him. Only few are willing simply to recognize that the way he does business is perfectly becoming, also his decision to become President of the United States.
Limitless, above all ...
The Universal Principles, older than the world itself, have no concept of right, wrong, good, bad, man thought limitations in terms of laws, 'codes of conduct'. Nor does any individual idea, has any impact. As Unique as any of you, dear reader, are, as UniQue are the universal principles working providing chance and opportunity for anyone calling upon these, without reservation or limitation.
What the many methods like the law of attraction, the secret and others, , coaches, motivational speakers, books about success stories, white papers, on line quotes about how to achieve success, wealth, fame, aren't revealing is that one Unique required element. YOU! There is no requirement like belonging to an elite society, being member of any exclusive fraternity, nor the need of having any financial starting capital to invest, not even being born rich, for the way the Universal Principles Act.
As UniQue you are, like any other, as UniQue are the path you take, your decisions on your decided moment, that UniQue are the opportunities, chance, open doors, you will encounter. All you have to do is to ACT becoming your Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills according the UniQue objectives set by you.
Basically that is all there is to it. Now it's your turn. All you need is to KNOW and understand YOUR Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills and there after, set your objective and focus on just that.
Have an Incredible Great Time and Journey to what ever journey or endeavor of your choice.  Don't forget the courtesy to Share!  :O)