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If it cost next to non, it can't be much... 'The Powers of Nothing ... '

If it cost next to non, it can't be much...  'The Powers of Nothing ... 'So here we go again. In the past I have purchased something direct from China and thought, the price can't be right for such but hey, I'm a sucker for a watch so a few €s  and the fun for it.... Let me tell you, those nice, very polite people from China haven't let me down so far and guess what, they defy the man made rule,' If it cost you zero to nun, it can't be much...' So in my spam mail, Yes for these things I have a separate email-box, Wish told me they had an external hard-disk, 8 terabite mind you.... 8! for only € 11,00. I visited the page, looking for the catch. I couldn't find any, that doesn't say I can't be sucker-punched, I am human.
I have purchased nifty looking sunglasses, nice looking watches, for only a few €'s each and if one went broken, well, so be it. Of all the watches all after two years still are working proper. Some of the sunglasses I lost. Either someone seem to love one or I simply forgot where I left it. Thing is, I don't feel hurt a bit. So this opportunity, I won't let pass by. I paid up front, love to do that. I got a nice email yesterday. It is processed, it is shipped, the arrival will be somewhere between March 15 and 30. Fine.... I can wait. It's a little the anticipation of Christmas or my upcoming birthday, for only € 11,00.
I got a phone call. 'Dear René, are you available?'  Depends for what, I replied. We are looking for IT professionals to hire for a specific role and we thought you may fit. Great, let's talk. A few days later I had a short interview with a recruiter who explained the situation of his client and thought I could fit. In the information he handed?  Immediate I sensed there was much more to it that he understand for not every recruiter has any idea of digital automation nor IT.
A week later I was invited for an interview at the customers office, sitting in opposite of an HR lady and an manager. Briefly they asked me if I was fitting 'their idea' and buzzwords they drawn up and they popped the question.
'René, why you think you're the best candidate for the job?'
'Well, from the information I received prior, and what you are providing, and what I have gathered from 'other sources', the organization has some issues in the IT departments causing quite some frustration, delay, hence quite some extra bills I can imagine. If you want to get rid of these by improving your Digital Automation and IT, than I know I a