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If you DON'T want it, stop the energy.... 'The Power of Nothing...'

If you DON'T want it, stop the energy.... 'The Power of Nothing...'There are hidden universal principles working, in all around us. You and we are part of these. No matter what man invented science to proof or denounce these, they still are working and all one has to do, is simply call upon them and they will start to work for you.
What you imagine/think exists...
Simply put, if one put's energy in 'something',  'IT' will become reality. If more put their attention, focus, energy to 'IT', the faster it will manifest and grow. This principle is working in all thinkable ways. If you want a new car, and you find people wanting you to get that car, it will appear swifter since opportunity and chance will turn your way. This universal principle is also working on a much larger scale.
End war
If you like to end any war, all one has to do is to contain, isolate such, quit putting energy and attention to it, and war will in the end seize to exist. The wrong of people is that all kind of people start to put all kind of attention to refuge problems, aid systems, journalists cover war and triggering attention and focus to that what nobody want. Dead people, all perils of war. Basically what people do is say, this is what we don't want, and what we don't want, also materializes and become reality. In fact, people this way prolongs war.
End to bad luck
If some things in life don't work out as planned or expected, readdress that intention. Don't focus on the fact something isn't working and try to reason that and give it your focus and energy. Just realize that a was, you were walking, isn't your way and you stop for a moment to think, let's find another way. On the moment you stop the focus, energy, on what you don't want, you stop the realizing of that and you simply focus on the initial thought and idea again.
No judgement, no opinion
There will be people envy, there will people negative. There will be people trying to tell you you can't, there will be people telling you.....   Yes you can.... of course you can. These people will appear on the moment judgment or opinion is no longer part of your life. It is not them setting your steps, see what you see, taking your decision. It is YOU.
No matter how bad the world seem, on the moment you adopt these, no longer put your time, attention, focus, on the negative aspects going on in the world, you basically aren't part of, have no direct influence on, you focus on what's important for and to you.
That is all you have to do.  Train it and start to achive with small things without reasoning these. Wonder how these manifest into your life, then take on bigger thibgs.

Have an Awesome day.... and do share.... :O)