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IT HR and recruiters in complete denial ....

IT HR and recruiters in complete denial ....  Previous we have written about the 100% predictability of Digital Automation/IT and the immediate assured damages for the organization. In a weekly CIO online magazine, an author extensively wrote an article about how to hire the best and 'talented' IT consultant.  Here we go again. Someone with a commercial intent and eye trying to tell the world 'How to ....'
Digital Automation all about not to spend budget ....
Every commercial driven enterprise immediately will start their himns with either telling you 'How to ....' or start to draw you a horror story to validate and substantiate why you should hire an IT consultant. Well, today the 'hiring scene' isn't any different then fifteen years ago, the mismatch rate still is appalling and yes, HR professionals and recruiters playing hardball to deny it all. Thing here is, there is a simple way to find out why the mismatches are increasing.  As we state, Digital Automation/IT, all it's disciplines, on every level, 100% predictable.
IT incidents and accidents on the rise...
2018 hasn't begun yet and the first major incidents are already published and seen the rate of incidents and the immediate impact, it is guaranteed to top 2017. Many self respecting enterprise and entrepreneur immediate will contradict this fact, sure, the main reason is their commerce, their product, your wallet.  Many HR professional and recruiter immediate jumps in denial for obvious reasons.  The tell tale sign that HR professionals and recruiters are failing, isn't any different than fifteen, or some, years ago.
Three simple universal reasons why things, so often, predictibly go wrong.
1. The hiring process
We have stated before that over 95% of the HR professionals and recruiters have ample, if not, no merits in the fields and discipline they are acting for. All they can do is use the handed (wish) list of the customer, clash in some buzz words in the publication process and ... start to discriminate. If name 'Ali, Mohammed, Mehmet, Aisha then exit. If age is >35 then nehhhhh. If gap in between jobs is > 2 wks then 'NoGood, reject. If date of birth is <01-01-1988 then create rejection email subject: Overqualified! . If CV has not 100% buzzwords then reject without notification to resume owner.  Many professionals of the fields of HR or recruitment frequently publish 'How to ...' notes for candidates to sustain the illusion if following these guidelines, their chances will increase.  Well dear customer, stakeholder, manager, CEO, CIO, here you have the first reason that the 'non existing' mismatches occurs. Nothing has changed and no right minded executive, manager, HR professional or recruiter will admit these are daily problems.
2. Exclaiming a shortage of Talent ....
The common way in Europe to describe 'talent' is following....  The intern whom is lured in by stating how wonderful and prosperous the name of global company XYZ, in ones resume, an intern costs virtually nothing and can be burdened with the full responsibilities of Senior full waged professionals. And the bucket of these young and upcoming talent is pretty much empty hence, HR professionals and recruiters have to state something. Often in many publications they state.... 'We can't find the talent our customer doesn't want to pay for....' Of course this statement also is the non existing mirage. Fact remains that 'they state'.... I can't find that True Natural Born Talent.
3. Talent is.....
The perspective of  HR professionals and recruiters state they use state of the art software, looking at candidates social media, demand everything of the candidate to validate they have found.... Talent. Well, basically what they will find is the very eager and wanting candidate whom altered their resume towards a publication, many of them, having great and flawless resumes, diploma's and of course flawless good will.  Non of the HR professionals or recruiters will think about to find out what the real  Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills of candidates are so they reinvent their process every three years. No, an assessment test is not an reflection of someones  talents? Reason? The DoD, founder of the bases of the many assessment tests used today, copies of copies or derivement of, abandoned these ways of assessments within two years deeming useless. But, commerce has naturally superior perspective. They don't see that such way of assessment only is a personal momentum.
Still, the IT incidents with increasing impact still is growing. How odd?
Without commercial and political thought, for sake of the Love of Digital Automation, we give you three simple questions to ask. If these three can't be reasonably and comprehensibly be answered by either HR professionals, recruiter or candidate, then you know the state of what and where IT Talent is , today, 2018. For if a candidate, HR professional, recruiter, isn't able to simply explain it to you, then you know the beginning of the 100% predictable domino string...

1. What is digital ,automation?
2. Why does one automate?
3. Why should one automate?

Reason simply to hand you this tool, free of charge? We aren't responsible for the damages and cost of any mismatch nor it incident on the one hand, past, previous and tomorrow of your organization. Second, why accept prior stated if one now knows that Digital Automation/IT is 100% predictable?

Digital Automation is an ancient universal principle, believe it or not, to prevent damages from occurring in the first place. Most damages are beyond the primary name and reputation since sooner or later, incidents are to surface, with the speed of light, sooner then later.

Have a great and prosperous endeavor with your Digital Automation...

PS... this publication isn't by hand of a very disappointed candidate, eager frustrated entrepreneur, often rejected enterprise. This publication is created because of the many daily and weekly received reflections of True Talent that hardly will turn themselves to a recruiter as well as the saddening conclusion that still many are wondering the enormous damages because of failing 100% predictable5 processes.

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