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Jessica Alba and her 'Code of Success & Fulfillment...' 'The Power of Nothing...'

Jessica Alba and her 'Code of Success & Fulfillment...'  'The Power of Nothing...' Born out of parents with a multi cultural inherited background, Latina as well as European blood, her father was in the Air Force what made the family move a lot. In here very younger years she suffered from pneumonia, a ruptured appendix and a tonsillar cyst. Several times she was ill, hospitalized and the fact they often moved, made that she didn't had the opportunity to make friends. 
Since age five she wanted to act and age eleven she persuaded her mother to take her to an acting competition in Beverly Hills where she won the grand price what was a number of free acting classes.
From there doors opened and opportunities really emerged for Jessica Her first serious role was in 1994 movie 'Camp Nowhere' playing the character 'Gail'. The original two weeks hire turned out to two months by reason of dropping out of one of the prominent characters.

NumoQuest© Profiler®

According NumoQuest© Profiler® she has a high Natural Born Talent for music, colors, natural charm, a natural gift for acting and one of her strongest Soft Skills are intuition, flexibility and sense for inspiration.
Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills
Again here it shows how forceful the 'Code of Success & Fulfillment ...' is working when you KNOW by heart what your Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills are and act accordingly. Then opportunity emerge, doors will open in line with just that and all one has to do is Act accordingly to become Successful. Since age five, Jessica KNOW what she wanted, something which is a common denominator by all self made people who early find what move them, in spite of often the pressure of adults into other directions. If one follows her/his own personal path and Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills , chance and opportunity will come because they are part