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Journalism is Death! 'The Power of Nothing...'

Journalism is Death!   'The Power of Nothing...'Journalism is death...!
It is a resolute fact. Reason to state this is that two critical factors are at hand no longer seem to work for any 'self righteous and sane deeming journalist.
Fact beyond personal thought...
Journalism is all about bringing almost clinical fact. Inquiring fact to the point that what one produces, prints, publishes, is beyond any reasonable doubt, without any personal intonation. Basically, that is what I have learned in journalism. Bsically, as a human being, not wanting to deem myself a fool in public, 'get my facts straight or shut up...' The chance to fail publicly, with todays social media, are to grand, to risky.  Invent a lie, bring fact on a personal based vision and 'they' will find out and crucify you. I would say, they should.
What happens today....
Journalism more and more have become an instrument of illusion, an instrument of manipulation, by whom ever it is needing the upper hand.
Many will recall this hard photograph of the little refugee named Aylan drowning in the see near Kos, Greece. The child laid there as grim evidence how harsh the path of Syrian refugees. The whole world engaged in Aw and Sorrow and pointing fingers blaming the world for such a tragic outcome. This picture has been abused by many even to start uncontrolled financial funding for support of .... who???
Tragic facts
After the first wave of aw, shock horror subside, some really started to inquire the so called tragic facts.
The father wasn't near any Syrian war zone but living in Turkey having paid employment. He used the situation in Syria to find a way to Canada portraying as refugee. The mother of little Aylan was terrified of the sea. So one has to wonder what kind of a father would bring his family in such a hazardous ordeal? Yet, this picture has been staged since the little child was dragged out of the water of the open sea and put there for the picture that we all know now.
Journalism as stage for politicians
More and more, ,world wide, journalism platforms are (ab)used to misinform the crowd, to stage sentiment, to manipulate peoples credibility in all kinds of issues and political stand.
Hence....  Journalism by default now has reached the level to be regarded as no longer trustworthy and believable. The instances of deliberate falsification and ill-fact are to numerous to challenge by ordinary people. Since the social media is in abundance a platform of pretense and make believe, it also is be be approached with a healthy level of disbelieve.
Since we all know that politicians and salesmen will do and say anything to reach their objectives, vile as it often is, the fact that journalism is abused to uncanning proportion, level , or percentage, of fake news and misrepresentation, is indeed a greater tragedy than many are willing to admit.
Journalism has died ..... sad but true ....
Have an awesome day.... where ever you are, whatever your endeavor.

Kevin Baker 14/9/2017 · #4

What is going on even now is the greatest unchecked invasion into all the Countries who don't play ball with the top 3.

Numo Quest 14/9/2017 · #2

#1 Without any disrespect, disregard.... regretfully many facts are not coming even close, from our experience and feeling, to a stage of transformation. We have monitored Dutch, German, Scandinavian, English and French press, rating these in facts vs publication, in a number of high regarded and important civil issues like 'General environment', 'Social Cohesion', 'Social transformation', 'Governmental behavior', 'Journalism in paper, TV and soc med'. We have found that 'journalism' have an government steered agenda and way of publication. We see that there is a wide spread tendency to diverse public stand and opinion, and down right mispresentation of facts and statistics. We see journalism not reporting all facts out of the idea these would deem them racist, homophobic, or discriminative. We see that in journalism in all levels and means.

Journalism is to be free to report what actually is taking place without any reservation, influence, bringing fact as is, not 'deemed appropriate' by whatever entity. In that respect it is fair to state that when journalism decents to a level no longer trustworthy and misrpresenting or withholding fact, that can be verified, then journalism is to be regarded death, and we are speaking here of the 'free press' in a 'free' Europe. I personally don't agree with your point of view that we are looking to a transition. On the moment we have to reason and fact - check journalism, journalism loses. I do thank you sincere for your comment Pascal. :O)

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Pascal Derrien 14/9/2017 · #1

I am not a practitioner but a few years ago I passed a diploma in Journalism and funnily enough PR and Applied Coms. I think it is important to state that journalists and even PR practitioners are to adhere to a code of conduct and ethics albeit not compulsory but it does exist and provide a value framework. You need in my opinion to make a difference between propaganda engines with poor ethics and weak editorial lines and honest and thorough journalism sanctioned by fact based investigation. I accept there are some clear derives but the rise of citizen journalism has also provided a counter balance and I would dare adding it is also the reader or consumer's responsibility to be alert and less gullible

I would say journalism is not dead it is in crisis and like anything else is going through a transformation some may say it is mutation but I guess you and I know somewhat what to read or watch and what not .... :-)

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