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Money and Power hunger...? 'The Power of Nothing...'

Scheme of all schemes, legalized fraud and embezzlement  committed by politicians and bankers..... A story by RenéC.

Money and Power hunger...?  'The Power of Nothing...'

© ® ™  August 2017 Author : RenéC  Ill:

Political lies

One former PM of the Netherlands, Jan Peter Balkenende, committed the ultimate political lie instant changing an parliamentary democracy into an dictatorship. With the ratification of th EU treaty of Lisbon, against the will of a democratic majority of the Netherlands by referendum, he singlehanded raped the referendum institute enforcing EU membership upon the Dutch constituent and taxpayer.

You are member of a tennisclub, the president of the tennisclub all of a sudden rules in your house, demanding way to your personal finance and assets and there is no saying for you anymore. In addition, that president accepts, without any declaration or consulting the Dutch taxpayer, that a higher entity is instated, lets say, a WTA, where all ruling suddenly becomes subdued. At the same time that president, is telling the Dutch taxpayer and constituents they have given him mandate to do all this. No, the voter and taxpayer has no ruling in it this is best for the country.|
European Currency
At political promise, for what that is worth, on January 1 2002, a European currency was instated, which should make life less complicated and international trades and consumer goods cheaper.
At January 1 2012, an in between investigation has shown that on average all prices has risen with 55% - 70% since the in statement of the euro.
2007/2008 Banking crisis
Basically what happened, one bank lend money to other banks and based upon loans, new loans were issued. Second fact was that banks started to sale and buy bad loans and debts to one and other to such rates and extend that debts and bad loans, never ever could be collected anymore. Hence, one of the banks came in serious financial trouble, demanding payment of the next bank, which couldn’t comply financially hence the world wide banking crises was fact.
Many companies and people suddenly were deemed no longer trustworthy, read, victims of the crisis the banks themselves orchestrated and those same banks, ran to the consecutive governments for taxpayers aid and…. They got aid, on behalf of these taxpayers deemed no longer trustworthy by these same banks.
Countries suddenly were faced becoming owners of banks’ bad loans and debts…. That is, basically the taxpayer is …

Brussels stated the European Central Bank. An institution without any govern nor formal oversight by any democratic entity, no control. This financial institutions cash is filled by …… the European taxpayers of the countries member of the EU. Let’s say, the WTA where no taxpayer have any insight or saying.
This new banking institution is starting to by debts and bad loans of governments and banks, all now part of a grand billion legalised fraud scheme. Since if one commits vile acts and crime, changing countries ruling, crimes still are crime. Hence, all political entities and persons making these all possible basically are member of an criminal organization, legalizing themselves with a billions fraud scheme…. On the heads of …. The European taxpayer.

A lone is a loan is a loan…..
Until it will be paid in full.

Country A bad loans and banking debts

Country B bad loans and banking debts

Country C bad loans and banking debts
Country D bad loans and banking debts
Country E bad loans and banking debts

What happened so far….?

· Bankers committed vile act and sometimes fraud, never been charged for these

· Politicians backed vile act of bankers by saving banks with tax payers money

· Bankers deem taxpayers. Hence clients of the banks, no longer trustworthy

· Governments deposited billions taxpayers money into a new financial entity called ECB

· ECB started a buy programme to buy banks and governments bad loans and debts

So, basically put, YOUR money, many bank managers and boards and executives and higher, were embezzled by these, mind you, many (ex) politicians are often also commissioners of these banks or financial institutions, paid very well. Many of the loans that couldn’t be paid by you as client of the bank, for whatever reason, banks now sold first to one and other, then to the governments taking over the banks to save them. Of course, with your money too, you are also taxpayer…..

Then ECB purchases all these collected debts from countries and banks, again, with money of YOU!
Regard ECB a financial institution that never can fail hence, a pot filled with negative financial balance, that is paid by YOU! No one is to be point out criminal in this grand European fraud scheme for reason all participating governments adjusted law and ruling making it all legal. How about that.

A Banking union, criminal scheme of criminal schemes
So, there is an awful pot of debt, that needs to be cleaned, let’s just say, to be vanish in thin air.
To accomplish that a next vile scheme is to be invented. An European Banking Union. Because, on the moment of instating such, all control of all EU finances will become cloaked, uncontrollable for ever. There is no institution strong enough to control the controllers. There will be only one overruling entity and that will be the EU, where all governments has subdued it’s individual ruling to.

Delete cash
To make things even worse and vile, next step of the European banks will be to delete cash. Governments will back this since now, governments and banks have full power and control over all moneyflow in the EU. Banks now own YOUR money and there is nothing you have to say about that. There is no control anymore and in case of another crisis, bank management and politicians now have full control over your money, no matter the circumstances or urgency.
Suddenly governments and banks in one step have make you pay for all debts collected in the ECB and there is no one to hold accountable, no one to bring to justice. Many of the key players by now will have grand and comfortably paid positions in either banks, EU, ECB or larger financial or pharma entities. All entities that never can go bankrupt, owing you!
With these em placed, the EU will effectively have become a dictatorship.
You are embezzled out of your money to pay debts caused by others and there is nothing you have any saying or any act in.

You now have become slave.
And simply put, that will be what is coming ….

Defying all universal laws
There is one huge flaw in what is about to come. Read every history book worldwide and seek what happens if a dictatorship was established. At all times people rise and rebel against the vile criminals, not deeming themselves criminals, of course….. Read what happened with all these key players of legalized fraud and embezzlement?
Beside the fact that there are two things no one can convey when the moment of death nears, money and power. Every dictator, their aids and accomplices, faced the same faith as any dictator, and that in a world where you can’t hide anymore.

For if there is one thing these key players don’t know, understand, or wishes to neglect … Universal Principles, rising bove all…..
How about that?

Don’t forget to have some fun with it.
Untill next….