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Money and Power hunger...? 'The Power of Nothing...'

Scheme of all schemes, legalized fraud and embezzlement  committed by politicians and bankers..... A story by RenéC.

Money and Power hunger...?  'The Power of Nothing...'

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Political lies

One former PM of the Netherlands, Jan Peter Balkenende, committed the ultimate political lie instant changing an parliamentary democracy into an dictatorship. With the ratification of th EU treaty of Lisbon, against the will of a democratic majority of the Netherlands by referendum, he singlehanded raped the referendum institute enforcing EU membership upon the Dutch constituent and taxpayer.

You are member of a tennisclub, the president of the tennisclub all of a sudden rules in your house, demanding way to your personal finance and assets and there is no saying for you anymore. In addition, that president accepts, without any declaration or consulting the Dutch taxpayer, that a higher entity is instated, lets say, a WTA, where all ruling suddenly becomes subdued. At the same time that president, is telling the Dutch taxpayer and constituents they have given him mandate to do all this. No, the voter and taxpayer has no ruling in it this is best for the country.|
European Currency
At political promise, for what that is worth, on January 1 2002, a European currency was instated, which should make life less complicated and international trades and consumer goods cheaper.
At January 1 2012, an in between investigation has shown that on average all prices has risen with 55% - 70% since the in statement of the euro.
2007/2008 Banking crisis
Basically what happened, one bank lend money to other banks and based upon loans, new loans were issued. Second fact w