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Scrum and Agile in IT, commercial nonsense 'The Powers of Nothing...'

Scrum and Agile in IT, commercial nonsense  'The Powers of Nothing...'If there is any contradiction in terminus, then it are commerce and IT. In essence, IT isn't any commercial at all. Why not? The universal principle in digital automation simply is to increase productivity with lesser human effort, today we achieve that by using electronical means, read, Information Technology, IT. The universal principle behind it isn't new at all. Since all that has been automated in the past, like a slice of a tree developing into the first wheel barrel and in second becoming the first people and good carriages where after we put an ox or horse in front, are bound and based on that same principle. All that is new is that (wo)man invents new means but the essence ... never changed.
Commerce and lies
If IT in its essence is all about reducing human effort, making (wo)man redundant, this also applies for administrative standard processes where when will reach a point of satisfaction. Read, that trying to automate any further simply will cost revenue rather than saving or a healthy Return On Investment. So commerce thought of other things to sell and presented in such fashion that it seems to be of adding value rather then, becoming commercial nonsense. Here a few of these hypes and you will get the message.
Bring Your Own Device, BYOD
Commerce shouted and hyped that the latest 'reality' was that the employer 'demanded' the ability to start to use ones own device, laptop, pc, tablet. It would be a game changer saving money because of the fact the employer would become more flexible to work and no investment in hardware would be required. Win-win-win-win... Reality has been that there has been opened a huge IT security risk and dito security bill, many aren't simply consequent for something like working flexible or independent hence control became also an deer issue. The cost of this way outweighs the benefits on the shorter and longer run.
Cloud, Software as a Service... SaaS and others
Suddenly commerce started to hype that the new reality was 'Cloud'. The pose to be private, public, hybrid clouds... Basically the only clouds we know are out in the sky and the cloud illustration posing 'internet', the rest? very expensive bills as a guarantee with a lot of security issues and legal issues where many still aren't aware of.  A 'cloud' supplier we