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Simple Pro Bono Guide to Success .... 'The Power of Nothing...'

Simple Pro Bono Guide to Success .... 'The Power of Nothing...'First what we like you to do is simply FORGET all those success stories you try to follow, leave all one liners many are copying or preparing themselves as if a well known person ever would have said it. Forget all those affirmations and deer paid schemes like seminars telling you how to prep yourself for success, wealth, health, life long holidays and life will become one streak of holidays for you.... just follow me, here's out bank account ...  Forget the secret and law of attraction, all these whitpapers and libraries over how to become successful or rich.  Forget all about that and sit back.

Three reasons....
1. Others successes
Others successes are a accumulation of ones unique personality, ones unique path in life, one's taken decision and experienced way that didn't work on that particular moment for that 'someone'.....
2. Others are NOT you
So if you again read an one liner, with the picture of a well known personality ask yourself, did (s)he really said that and if so, realize that the one liner, how true perhaps, has been working for that person who has walked an entire different path then you do. 
3. People drawing your attention
with white papers, with schemes like the secret, law of attraction, kabbalah ..... motivational speakers, all kind of life coaches. They want your money, that is the common factor and denominator.  It is, however, up to you yourself how to spend your money. In 99,9 % of the instances it will be wasted effort and money.
As you can read here, for alone these three reasons may or will be a waste of deer and valuable time, often also money.
Universal Principles
Success, throughout the existence and development of the world, has been subdued to a number of very simple ancient universal principles. Think for a single simple moment. Did you really think that every inventor, of any man made development, item, process, object, ever had millionaire on their mind? Written on their forehead? Look to the greatest names in history, they never struck richness in their lives. Others became rich because of them .... long time after they died. 
Vision, Imagination ....
Another reason of invention has been Vision or Imagination. Lightning struck a tree, tree started to burn, man flee. However, another was mesmerized by the fire and understood how fire could be harnessed and so there you have it. Today's fire places as developed result of that.  Someone once chopped down a three and had a vision that if he would have two slices, put holes in them and use a thick branch as axle, they could construct the first carrier.  It developed to what we now know as bicycle, cars, trucks. The invention of flying has been years older then the Wright brothers being the fathers of the airplane. They have taken the fact and desire to fly and they have developed into the first free flying man on wings.
All they all through history did was simply, knowing or not, follow ancient universal principles that work in and through all you can see, feel, touch. And these ancient universal principles are working free of charge and money. Fact, they have nothing to do with money, they all have to do with development. So forget money in this also, to make it easier to yourself.
Basically put, the formula can be summed up in following .....

Imagine the Objective - Focus - KNOW - Act - Recognize.Seize Opportunity - Manifest - Repetition to Habit

Imagine the Objective
Every successful invention, any invention, started with an idea, an image. Today we advice people to write down any image or idea falling in to see what or which is suiting and bearing potential to realize. How silly you think it may be, right it down.... that cost you nothing at all....

Focus on the idea or image. How does it make you feel. Does it excite you? Stick to it, no matter how farfetched. Enlarge the idea, image. Start to think what will happen if it is real, what will it mean to you? What will it mean to others? As you see, here, again, no finance involved. It only takes some time. Focus also is a part of the entire process where you let nothing and no one distract you from the way to realization.

Forget believing. That truly is the flaw in many motivation or affirmation schemes. They all are talking about believing and affirming and repeating... Think how much time and energy believing will ask of you. You have to repeat time and time again to reach a certain level of believing and even then, it seems you are short of some. We don't even here want to point out how much you can be charged for books, seminars, whitepapers or what ever product to buy to support your believing.
You KNOW when your hungry, you go and eat. You KNOW when your thirsty, you go and drink. You KNOW when your tired, you lay yourself down and rest. You KNOW how to use appliances, so you use them the way you KNOW how they work for you. It is what we call 'Beyond Believing...' If you KNOW, you don't doubt, you don't feel the need for any motivation or affirmation. You know 'IT is SO!
Many have the idea, if one wishes something, desires something, strong enough, one is to wait until 'IT' arrives. Well .... there you're wrong. In any way, you start to walk. Continue to do things that are in line with your Objective. It may sometimes take a detour to get to your objective, it simply is fact that doors will open towards it. Sometimes it may take some time, some times it will be so swift that it wipes you of your feet in amazement or disbelieve....  You will meet people going that way, you may find articles about your objective. Someone may even hand you an idea. Thing here is, be open, anything goes.
Recognize, seize Opportunity
If opportunity knocks, regardless what, how, the shape, the color. Seize it with thanks and gratitude. In all way thinkable. It is part of the process that if you are dedicated to one designated objective, things, people, circumstance, will turn towards the objective along your path and journey. There is more. It can be you see or receive an opportunity not in line with your objective. IT will happen. Pass that one one to the one you will know having another objective. Never be selfish.
The outcome always will be the Manifestation of the Objective. Be open for it and also open minded. The initial shape, color, format, may differ from your initial idea or picture you had in mind. Fact is it is there for you to shape it to how you see fit. Regardless what it is.
Basically this is the short guide to your success. There are some things you really need to know.
No Limits No judgement, No opinion
There is no limit then the limit you accept of yourself or of others, trying to limit you. The only that is important and 'Can Do' in this ancient universal principle is YOU! No one else. No one is walking your path, see what you see, experience what you experience. It is YOU only. And that isn't selfish at all but dedication to your objective. Stop judging others. In times of the social media every one is trying to persuade everyone to have any opinion about anything. Forget it! It it's no part of your endeavor, just leave it be. Forget spending time about opinion about, what ever. It indeed is wasting your time and energy. As long as you focus on other things but your objective, your objective stays away of you.
Try it with little things....
We always advise to start with things you can manifest yourself. It is for you to test the universal principle micro and then if you think you understand how it work for you, start the challenge for larger things and aaze and wonder yourself how these are working for you. Have FUN with it.
Repeat to Habit
Everything you know, what you have gained, learned in your life, has been accomplished by another universal principle. Repetition to Habit. It only is human to acquire habit by repeating it. The reason here is you find you how something will work for you or perhaps you will find out, something perhaps simply isn't for you.
As you see, this is a slightly different approach then the many books, whitepapers and schemes. As you also see is money isn't part of the principles since the ancient universal principles are all about development and progress for man, and that isn't per sé about money. Every Big and Famous Brand and person you may think of, have become famous this way.

Now you have fun with it.... just start and see how IT will work for you....
Let us know and please, share .... ":O)
Have an Awesome day, what ever your image, wish, desire, journey or endeavor.....

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