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Simple Pro Bono Guide to Success .... 'The Power of Nothing...'

Simple Pro Bono Guide to Success .... 'The Power of Nothing...'First what we like you to do is simply FORGET all those success stories you try to follow, leave all one liners many are copying or preparing themselves as if a well known person ever would have said it. Forget all those affirmations and deer paid schemes like seminars telling you how to prep yourself for success, wealth, health, life long holidays and life will become one streak of holidays for you.... just follow me, here's out bank account ...  Forget the secret and law of attraction, all these whitpapers and libraries over how to become successful or rich.  Forget all about that and sit back.

Three reasons....
1. Others successes
Others successes are a accumulation of ones unique personality, ones unique path in life, one's taken decision and experienced way that didn't work on that particular moment for that 'someone'.....
2. Others are NOT you
So if you again read an one liner, with the picture of a well known personality ask yourself, did (s)he really said that and if so, realize that the one liner, how true perhaps, has been working for that person who has walked an entire different path then you do. 
3. People drawing your attention
with white papers, with schemes like the secret, law of attraction, kabbalah ..... motivational speakers, all kind of life coaches. They want your money, that is the common factor and denominator.  It is, however, up to you yourself how to spend your money. In 99,9 % of the instances it will be wasted effort and money.
As you can read here, for alone these three reasons may or will be a waste of deer and valuable time, often also money.
Universal Principles
Success, throughout the existence and development of the w