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So you don't want the FREE money? Great, it's choice.... 'the Powers of Nothing...'

So you don't want the FREE money?  Great, it's choice....   'the Powers of Nothing...' Warren Buffet, the prototype of Success the old fashion way. 'Don't spend money you don't have, stay modest...' 
It is a most simple to understand universal principle, around since beginning of the world. There also is another world. In fact, a more vile and dangerous world, though all you craving for success, are hyping, yelling, these days using the social media. That world is called commerce. There are some things about that world called commerce. Commerce uses some tricks to become successful and at the same time, many people think they can do the same as, in this instance, Warren Buffet has done:  Become successful.
The hype of the yelling merchantman on the market
If there is one thing in the world of commerce, than it is to pretend, make believe. Let others believe how good and successful you are. It is called the ancient principle of 'the yelling merchantman on the market...' It basically means, if you shout loudest, you think people, money, business, hence success, finally will come your way. Today we use the internet where we can 'yell' instant globally.  So we can pretend the steam out of our ears. We simply grab a load of nifty and success appearing pictures from the internet, we invent an appealing story, put it all together on a website, and here we go, we're in business. Thing here is, those of you think now to be on your way to success? Think again. For the principle of the yelling merchant means that if you 'yell/hype' loudest,  you are basically saying and praying, 'hey guys, come to me for I need your wallet....'
Let people think they need ...
The next sick thing of commerce is making people believe .... anything. Entire books are written about something peculiar (wo)man has. Fear. Portray you have a product, service, inadmissible for the people, the objective is to let them believe they need it.  In second, yes, there is a second, let people believe that others have bought it before them so you urge them to come and buy. In addition the vile trick to state ... 'Hurry, there is only a limited offer ...' And many people may fall for that.
Free money for grabs
Now here just a little thing. Think of all the big well known brands and people, having 'made it'.  There are some things they have in common. First of all they are UniQue, one of a kind. They are on vital moments doing 'their thing',  'Their Way...'  So you out there thinking you can mimic those having made it before you, you will fail.  The reason is simple. You are not 'They'. You don't have their UniQue Natural born Talents nor are there on crucial moments taking their crucial UniQue decisions. That is the only reason that mimicking those having made it, is pretty useless.
So next best thing?
Believe it or not, the next best thing? Not to spent money but use what you have. Many commerce driven people and entities wants to make you believe that before the gain, there is money must be invest. Well, if one speaks to all the great names that once made it?  Money is the last of your consideration and need. What is?  Your natural true born Talents and Soft Skills. For every one 'made IT', just done  'IT' based with the Talents and Soft Skills they are born with. And not to spend, because some one else desires it, is for their best interest and gain, not yours.
Internet, the free Money Source
Today one has the internet to be the greatest source of information and Ideas and next step is simply to start to use your own Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills and start to acquire. A simple rule: Don't spend anything you don't have or can't afford.  Before you know it that instance will become Habitual and will bring you on your individual UniQue path and prosperity.

Have the greatest of fun in gaining your own prosperity, your own UniQue way....