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So you want free of charge Profit? 'The Powers of Nothing...'

So you want free of charge Profit?  'The Powers of Nothing...'Joseph Marie Jacquard, a name many of you haven't earlier heard of, is the father of the automated weaving machine. In the industrial revolution, his invention in one blow made 100's of manual weavers instant jobless, hundreds of freight carriers, read truckers redundant and instantly saw to it that the products produced were virtually flawless, hence, a huge profit increaser thinkable. The dream of every merchant and businessman.
Free Insights
Now, dear reader, have a look around you. Look at everything in your sight. Every item you see is the outcome of an insight, idea, of someone somewhere in time. And after that someone else came and had a vision of something improved of something already thought of. Long ago someone harnessed fire where that 'road' finally led to invention of electricity and the light bold and what we today know of L.E.D. Someone, at a moment in time, saw a slice of a tree which perhaps rolling down a hill giving that someone an idea to put a hole in the middle, put a stick of wood in it and there we have the first wheel. Today that 'road' of development, together with the invention of rubber vulcanization of Henry Ford to today's car wheels and all kinds of other application.
Fast, faster, hit a wall...
In today's time of electronics, developments and processes goes faster and faster en fault of (wo)man is that it is to be taken mandatory that every person, in that development, also is to speed up. Speed up in way of going along with rapid progressing developments but ..... those who are continuous pushing boundaries are .... commerce. All people wanting your .... wallet, money.  Every way thinkable trying to drive you mad in order to keep up or else ...
In 2018 commerce tries to let you believe that Artificial Intelligence is able to predict who will be the best candidate for any job. Commerce want you to believe that Big Data, how flawed, contains many answers on, primarily, commercial endeavor. IT is presented to have answers to all kinds of by commerce invented problems while there also is a development set in that will be the downfall for (wo)man.
Speed kills
The number of people unable to keep up with speeding and rapid progresses are staggering. The numbers of younger aged people with burnouts because of commerce dictated hype, fashion, vision, are for years on the rise. We see global individualism, we see explosions of mental illnesses we see commerce dictate what to like, dislike, what to weare, what not to wear, we see how commerce is infringing our individual rights of liberty and even the dictates what to like.
We see commerce personalizing advertisements on any page you open on the internet as sign that hidden mathematics are predicting what you apparently  is to need, want, desire. We see news that isn't news at all but portrayed and hyped as something important and we see that your freedom, you physical freedom, is at steak.
IT Kills
We see what is happening with basic skills as human orientation, motorique, ability of thought, brain capacity, physical natural strength of human rapidly declining hence, no one likes you to think of that. For every negative instance of the increased progress of global developments, commerce are looking for ways that in the end are damaging by far more than many can even portray themselves.
Banks, Pharmacy, Energy, Governments, silent dictators
These four are today leading in the development of what has been predicted and described in George Orwells 1984 where man kind no more, no less, are senseless and subdued species where only few are dictating and ruling the world. Soon cash is to be banned for sake of commerce and by that, every decent control of individual financial capital as well. Since progressing digital automation will also means that governments instantly will have access to once financial capital and without any consent grasing taxes, 'conveniently', for ease of (wo)man. Banks already are lining up to sell your personal buying habits with commerce so they can follow you anywhere and bombard you with personalized commerce and messages.
New realities
There are commercial entities understanding and using the psychology of sales to wide audiences with the sole gain of increasing there sales, not adding real value in the lives of people. We already see that the youngest generation are indoctrinated by electronic commerce where they aren't even able to decently write and read anymore since in all kinds of devices correctors are a standard and every display has keyboards. Massively the term 'New realities...' are used to tell you and us to 'comply or else...', the most elementary commercial rule for submission and sales.
Three simple steps
All one needs to understand are three simple things:  Fear - Solution - Sale
And with these three free words, you can find any reasoning on the internet for you to use to increase your sales. Simple and free of charge. Perhaps one also needs these three for convenience sake...  Ruthless, Mercy-less, Selfish...
For every successful commerce has both, one way or the other, in their individuals due diligence.
How far will you go, yourself?

Have a great and prosperous journey and endeavor in 2018, and share like all great things are to be shared...