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Success has a Code... III ACT 'The Power of Nothing...'

Success has a Code...  III ACT  'The Power of Nothing...'So you did...
So you have visited those coaches, motivation speakers, bought books, read all about the law of attraction, seen all there is to see about the secret and yet .... you have the feeling, or experience, it isn't working, it isn't adding up. You perhaps have tried many different things, still leading to nowhere. That ... is very common. don't lose any sleep over it anymore.
Snake in the grass
What all those schemes wont tell you are basically two most important main things. They don't tell you because they don't want you to know, but keep youy craving, and paying of course, or.... they don't know themselves.
1. Who YOU Are!
Not what it is you WANT to be. 'IT IS' who you, as of day one in your life, ARE. See, you are born with Talents an soft sills whom, combined, makes you that 'One of a Kind Person' in the world. Only little thing here is, where ever you believe you came from, you forgot to bring along your personal unique manual. There we go, your mom and dad had to figure it all out.... again, like their parents had to. You see, on the moment you Truly KNOW who you are, you will do the things in life in complete accordance, with WHO you ARE.  Remember the 95% 4% 1% universal principle? The 4% and 1% KNOW who they are and do just that, in line with WHO they ARE.
2 KNOW, forget believing
The second thing all those 'schemes', law of attraction, the secret, NLP, coaches, motivational speakers are constantly talking about, believe, believe, believe. Well, there they are WRONG. Key is KNOW! Simply think to yourself here and now. If you are hungry, you KNOW you are going to get something to eat. If you are thirsty, you KNOW that the answer simply is getting a drink. If you open your eyes, you KNOW you'll see. If you speak, you KNOW that you want to say something. The think with KNOW is, 'IT' is in your system. You don't have to on and on think about it. You apply anything you KNOW, instantly without any hesitation. You also KNOW that if you do what you KNOW, over and over and over again, you will become GOOD at 'IT'. What all the others press you to do is.... to believe in yourself. Have a look at that. If you believe, what ever it is you wish to believe, you'll spend a life's time believing, nourishing believing, go to church, meetings, buy books, time, energy, money.... And now you'll KNOW and understand the difference between KNOW and believe. What about if you KNOW????  You be the judge!
If there is any sane thing one can think of, it is 'ACT' as part of the Success formula. This is a simple aspect to understand. If you stay in bed all day, if you move from your bed to that couch, to just stay all day on that couch, you will know one thing, nothing will happen. You may wait to Kingdom Come. Famous successful people know one simple thing. They WANT, They ACT! Any ACT!  The reason is another Universal Principle they use. Action - Reaction. If you Act, you set things in motion in the Universe, if you will. Many of it you won't see. That isn't important. You set 'things' in motion to move. And it always is moving towards what ever 'IT' is YOU WANT!
Car - House - Money - Spouse
There are no limit's in how that principle is working. The moment you ACT, in accordance whit WHO you ARE, towards your GOAL, the way becoming and fitting for you, things start to happen. Small things, hidden things, obvious things, big things. Regardless. On the moment you act, things are about to happen.
Open mind, Open eye
The funpart starts once you KNOW 'IT' Because when you KNOW 'IT', you also 'KNOW' that you have to Act. Any Act. In any direction, you will understand that to reach, what ever it is you KNOW you WANT, you will do anything in line with just that. You want a car? Good, you start to safe money. Do overtime, as money when your birthday is up. All in line towards that car. So you want a partner? Good, today that has become simpler. Open your browser and the world is yours. All you have to do is .... CHOOSE!  What is 'IT' you want! You want money? Good, you will learn and teach all there is about investment and product about and with finance. You want a suiting job? Good you will go and learn everything there is to learn about that what you KNOW 'IT' is. The way to 'IT' always in essence is the same. All you do is 'KNOW IT' and ACT in line with all of that. Anything goes.
Signs ...
There are many signs coming to you indicating you are well on your way. Universal Principle is that on the moment you KNOW 'IT', things start to change. Your FOCUS will be on that what you want, you will encounter people, talking about your 'IT'. You will read articles about your 'IT'. These times facebook and google, are so sophisticated they throw all sorts of 'personalized advertisement' your way, so 'IT' will be imprinted into you. In stead their hope you will buy products, they unintentional are helping you... :O))
You even may see commercials on television or the internet, giving you ideas, hints, even that leaflet on the floor, may give you a hint or pointer that you are well on your way to .... your ... 'IT'.  The formula worls as strong as you getting up, to MAKE/Materialize that sandwich to eat. It doesn't matter HOW. What matter is...  KNOW 'IT', Achieved 'IT'.
Here you are...
ACT! In order to ACT!, in line with your True Born Natural Talents and Soft Skills, and start to ACT! in line with what you KNOW 'IT' is, that you're after, you also will encounter, especially in the beginning, opinion, judgement, resentment, limitation .... of others. One of the very important aspects here is you understand and KNOW, they are not you. They don't see your 'IT'. IT is YOUR 'IT'. They don't see what you see, they don't set your steps, they don't act as you are. So the 'noise' you experience will subside since the determination you display, on your path to your 'IT', will let them no that their vision, idea, limitation, judgement, bares no negative effect on what you are doing.  Why you think there is the 95% 4% 1% Leagues? To which League is 'IT' you want to be part of?  Good! ACT! 
As with everything, ACT! also makes you do become more perfect with all that is becoming your True Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills and that all together, will be much easier then you ever thought.

Have yourself an Incredible and Awesome day.... and please, don't forget to share ....