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Success has a Code... IV Seize Opportunity 'The Power of Nothing...'

Success has a Code... IV Seize Opportunity  'The Power of Nothing...'In the success code, there is a step, not always easily understand by everyone. Seizing opportunity, open doors, is all about changing the way you look if you begin to Focus. Not everyone is gifted with perseverance, concentration and easily lose just that, and wont get any further. Be aware. Some ways demonstrated will come as odd to you. Don't worry about them. These too are as limitless as the 'IT' you are striving to.
Mood Board
Often we advice people to create a mood board for whatever your 'IT' is. Hang it on a place where you easily are reminded of it and can see. Often, please don't see it wrong here, it will be the toilet. Every 'IT' is often very personal and many of you simply aren't there yet to share. That is okay. On the moment you remind yourself about your journey to your 'IT', it will become a part of your system. That too is a very welcome part of the code. Getting it in your system.
Opening doors, Seizing Opportunity
There is not one road to your 'IT'. Anything goes. The ways are equally limitless as that what you set for your 'IT'. So the advice simply is ... Be Open... Don't dismiss anything. We have countless stories and examples of people getting a hint, a pointer, advice, a tip, from virtually anything. Once your road to your 'IT' becomes more part of your system, automatically you are looking for 'clues', 'signs'.  And there will be many. Here are some serious pointers ...
Remember KNOW in stead of believe...?
If you KNOW 'IT' SHALL BE ... not will be ... Then you don't doubt for a moment about that anymore. Some changes in you will take place. Where you were accustomed to put time, energy, focus in believing, all that time, energy and focus now can be redirected to other things. People may stat to call you stubborn, perhaps selfish. Often these will people either not believing in your 'IT' or even envious people that don't want you to reach your 'IT'. Please, don't put any energy becoming annoyed, angry. Just understand they don't see what you see, it's not their 'IT'. It is YOUR 'IT'.
Get 'IT' into your system
When you repeat reminding your 'IT', another thing will happen. Slowly your Focus will become stronger and your 'IT