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Success has a Code... IV Seize Opportunity 'The Power of Nothing...'

Success has a Code... IV Seize Opportunity  'The Power of Nothing...'In the success code, there is a step, not always easily understand by everyone. Seizing opportunity, open doors, is all about changing the way you look if you begin to Focus. Not everyone is gifted with perseverance, concentration and easily lose just that, and wont get any further. Be aware. Some ways demonstrated will come as odd to you. Don't worry about them. These too are as limitless as the 'IT' you are striving to.
Mood Board
Often we advice people to create a mood board for whatever your 'IT' is. Hang it on a place where you easily are reminded of it and can see. Often, please don't see it wrong here, it will be the toilet. Every 'IT' is often very personal and many of you simply aren't there yet to share. That is okay. On the moment you remind yourself about your journey to your 'IT', it will become a part of your system. That too is a very welcome part of the code. Getting it in your system.
Opening doors, Seizing Opportunity
There is not one road to your 'IT'. Anything goes. The ways are equally limitless as that what you set for your 'IT'. So the advice simply is ... Be Open... Don't dismiss anything. We have countless stories and examples of people getting a hint, a pointer, advice, a tip, from virtually anything. Once your road to your 'IT' becomes more part of your system, automatically you are looking for 'clues', 'signs'.  And there will be many. Here are some serious pointers ...
Remember KNOW in stead of believe...?
If you KNOW 'IT' SHALL BE ... not will be ... Then you don't doubt for a moment about that anymore. Some changes in you will take place. Where you were accustomed to put time, energy, focus in believing, all that time, energy and focus now can be redirected to other things. People may stat to call you stubborn, perhaps selfish. Often these will people either not believing in your 'IT' or even envious people that don't want you to reach your 'IT'. Please, don't put any energy becoming annoyed, angry. Just understand they don't see what you see, it's not their 'IT'. It is YOUR 'IT'.
Get 'IT' into your system
When you repeat reminding your 'IT', another thing will happen. Slowly your Focus will become stronger and your 'IT' will become part of you. Simply imagine that 'IT' is in your life already, is the best way to do it. The universal principles always are striving to make you image, a reality. This way will help you to get your 'IT' into your system.
Friends, Leaflets, Publications, Commercials, aiding...
'Where two are gathered in 'IT', 'IT' will be there.' Please be aware of this other most powerful Universal Principle. This principle is interpreted in many different ways world wide. 'The more the merrier', 'Power of the people' and so on. There are limitless ways pronounced for this principle. It means that when you start your 'Journey', to your 'IT', immediate there will be an invisible forceful response. Suddenly you will see your 'IT' in many varieties. You will meet people with at least similar interests. You will see articles published, you will suddenly notice that leaflet on the street, oddly containing your 'IT'. When you speak to people about your 'IT', people will give you direction, hints, tips. More and more those people with limits, will go to the background. It simply is a part of the code, never feel bad about that. You will see commercials containing your 'IT', or sometimes even providing helpful tips how to reach 'IT'  On the moment you start to Focus, this all will happen as a clear sign you are on your way to your 'IT'.
Just look around you and realize that everything you use, you touch, you can see, is proof of that simple Success code. Since someone, somewhere, on a moment in time, created that what you can see, touch, use. There isn't always money at all involved in the way the Success code is working. Someone, somewhere in time, thought it would be a nice idea to bring nature into the house. So one gathered flowers, tied it together and there you have it. It spawned into many ways like the tradition to hand someone flowers when visiting, at birthdays, at funerals. It became a commercial thing when once money was invented and becoming a part of it.
Still, starting a business still can be free of charge. Someone once was tired of eating of a leaf, and thought a slice of a chopped tree would be more convenient. Clean food. There you have it. It spawned into a wide abundance of pottery and ware. Everything you can imagine, start's without a dime. Every journey to your 'IT'. Exactly the same. Never think in limits or question how, why and what if. That is a true waste of time.  And even changing that.... doesn't cost you anything at all. Unless you are about to buy all sorts of books about that or visit motivational speakers or coaches.  ;O)
Repeat to Habit
Anything in the world is a result of repetition. The strongest results are always kept, the lesser forgotten. There is no right way, no wrong way. There is a way that is working towards your 'IT', and there will be ways NOT working for you. Sometimes you may have the idea that your journey seems to take you completely away of your 'IT'. It has everything to do with old habits like doubt, like limit, like hearing 'voices of the past' limiting you again. the only limit working is every limit you accept. At the same time you have a world of proof what the magnificent results of limitless are around you. EVERYTHING! All what you see, can imagine, is the result of HABIT! Everything is. Everything once has been an 'IT' to someone. Isn't that a miracle thinking about just that????
Successful brands, people, ways
Understand that success is a habit of three ingredients. Your True Born Natural Talents and Soft Skills, The ways working for you, HABIT. Successful people? They habve found out how 'IT' can be reached, their way. All they do after that?  Just endlessly repeating that. Sure, they will try other things. But the best of the best? Just repeating what is working. Every brand product you can think of? They just repeat endlessly what is working successful for them. Now you find out what your True Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills are, start to work in accordance with them, and before you know it ... that will be your Habit and you will suddenly experience everything successful what all those before you experienced and are repeating. Here is a little secret, the money? Always is a byproduct of success. Seldom a purpose on its own.

Start with small things to get the hang of it to find which way is working for you. Else, there is a way to find out what your True Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills are.
Have a Smashing journey to your 'IT'.... and Please, don't forget to share ....  :O))

PS: As you see, no membership, no fees, no money, no obligations, no exclusivity....  The Universal Principles are working for free so why pay for that?  Just a thought .....