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Success has a Code... V The Achieving, Manifesting .... 'The Power of Nothing...'

Success has a Code...  V  The Achieving, Manifesting ....  'The Power of Nothing...'So You Want 'IT'....
There are many ways to 'Get IT', to 'Make IT',  to 'Achieve IT'... 'IT' stands for anything you want it to be. IT may resemble a holiday, that car that you have seen, to be,come anything you ever wanted to be, to visit that concert, to find that life's partner, that nice and great necklace,  becoming a great famous sports athlete, to fly away to any destination. There are no limits.....  unless...  you accept limits of yourself or those of others put on your shoulder. Please be a skeptic. For only then you may find the greatest surprise ever.
Success has a Code
Well, first, Success has a Code but .... there are a few things you, dear reader, have to understand. Perhaps you have been for times searching for .... success. You have paid lot's for coaches, been to seminars of motivation speakers, invested heavily in books, white papers, all kind of schemes and methods to in the end..... end up here. Nothing happened.  GOOD!
There are two important aspects ...
There are two important aspects most often all those coaches, motivation speakers, methods, schemes, to success, law of attraction, the secret didn't tell you. On the one hand they perhaps didn't know themselves, on the other hand, perhaps they don't want you to know, just to keep you tied to them for more attention... and your money. Well, here there is no membership or money involved. All free of Charge!
The First aspect... Being Unique...!!!
If you have read all kind of success stories, books, white papers of famous names of people made it, and you try to find the success line of all, you didn't find. The reason: You Are NOT Them!  Don't you ever forget. You are not their Unique them, not walking their Unique path, not taking their Unique decision on their Unique moment in their Unique time.
You Are UNIQUE...
You have a complete Unique combination of True Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills. Many of you are still looking for just that. Those people having made 'IT'... KNOW this by heart, by nature, and use only that to achieve, to materialize, what ever it is they set their mind to. So it is very important that you KNOW Your Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills to start with.
The Second aspect...
,Unique time, path, decision... Since you Are Unique, You also CREATE. Every moment you think, you speak, you CREATE. No one ever have told you just that. Because everything you can think of, some one else can think that too, but never as you can. Hence, that makes you Super Unique. Also any step, any time, any energy put in that what you think, say, DESIRE .... is so Unique, that now you understand how Unique. Now you also understand that looking to those having Made 'IT', tell you one thing. THEY KNOW 'IT' EARLIER THEN YOU!  That's all. Simply that!
You ARE Unique. All you have to do is ACCEPT 'IT'. There are no limits, no judgement, no right way, no wrong way. There is a way that works for you, there shall be ways not working for you. Both are valuable. At any given moment, you can CREATE ANY 'IT' you chose. The all you do is start to KNOW 'IT' IS! Not believe it shall be, no, treat 'IT' as if 'IT' is there, a part of your life. All the Universal Principles are doing manifest all that you treat as Right here Right now. In a nutshell, that's all there is to it.
Two Simplest Examples of the 'Success is a Code' at work ...
You are hungry. Your mind automatically is CREATING an image of food. Any food. Most of us are able simply to get up, and take ACTION, to let the Image become Manifestation. Hence, instantly you use the formula to realize that image. Without thought, without hesitation. No limits since you CREATE everything you have in your mind. There is no other way the formula works, here in small. 'IT' always have been part of YOU, since day one you were born.
Take the same formula and create something BIG! ANYTHING!. Forget judgement. Forget everything that anyone told you about limits. Just say, I HAVE! And then take steps towards 'IT'. Every step, breath, thought, desire focus on 'IT'. No judgement on people trying to hold you back. 'IT' is your 'IT! Not theirs. And before you realize, 'IT' will manifest. All you do is, enjoy the ride... and .... Repeat 'IT' all over again ...
Sure, you may feel skeptic and start to argue what we here give you. That's just fine. As long as you also accept that as long as you continue to counter argue these, what is older then the world itself, you will go into circle of argue, not going anywhere. That provocative is yours alone. Others will become curious and say .... can I DO that? Our respond.... 'TRY!'   be your own judge. We only give you the formula.
The formula is free, working in everything you see, you know, you learn, the only thing is, no one ever told you to look at it this way. There is no exclusive membership required, no admittance fee, of course unless you feel the need to, send us your email and we send you our banking details.  :OP ... The formula isn't exclusive ours, no one can claim it. Only, there are people out there wanting you to pay them for something that is ancient, in essence free, working universal principle.  We are Idealistic and simply say, 'IT' is yours anyway.... take 'IT'...' No more, no less.
Now it's your turn....
Start to look in a Unique and Different way. YOUR Unique way. Start with little things where you can be a part of the creation and success formula yourself. Just so you understand, that the way YOU DO 'IT', will work that way for you. Regardless words, thought, limitation of others. YOUR WAY! Then when you understand, all you do is do the same, BIGGER. Nothing else then just that.

Imagine - Focus - ACT - Recognize and seize opportunity - Achieve your Goal. Repeat it until it becomes HABIT!

Now you start to walk, Be Creator. Start any moment, any time, anywhere YOU WANT! Try, make it your game, most of all, just have FUN with it. Sometimes laugh about yourselves. No Limits!
Have the greatest of FUN in any endeavor you CREATE.  Be CREATOR! ... and please... Share... as we did share with you here ... :O)