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'The Code of Success and Fulfillment....' Warren Buffet. 'The Power of Nothing....'

'The Code of Success and Fulfillment....'   Warren Buffet.  'The Power of Nothing....' Warren Buffet, born August 30st, 1930, sun of an investor, he developed a keen sense for business as a child. Age seven he finished reading a book by Francis Minaker ,'A 1000 ways to make $1000,-'  Imagine any child so focused on a subject like this.
His childhood was a red thread of entrepreneurship ranging from delivering newspapers, selling Coca Cola and bubble gum door to door, to a joint venture with a friend purchasing a pinball machine and place that into a barbershop. Within months the initial invested $ 25,- lead to owning several pinball machines in three different barbershops until they sold it to a veteran soldier for $ 1.200,- '
Code of Success & Fulfillment...'

There are different moments that he wanted to skip school where is father vetoed. His entire education was in line what he was doing as a child, not hindered by anyone doing just that. Did you know... he applied for Harvard, they turned him down. That didn't stopped him at all. Age 14 he bought a piece of farmland and let it out to a tenant farmer. At the end of his school terms his net valued $9.800,-  which today is a little under $ 100.000,-
The rest of his career is public knowledge.
In his many seminars and interviews he stated that money never was the objective. It was only a byproduct. The trill of achieving is the highest reward. It is setting yourself goals, an pursuit these, what ever the objectives. 'The rest? Just keep on doing just that...'  Many tried to do what Warren has been doing all his life, regrettably not succeeding. For the major ingredient to that success wasn't understood.
Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills
For what Warren has been doing since childhood, is recognizing his Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills, regardless what it could've been called those days. Doing what was natural to him,