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The IT rip off

The IT rip off
There are a tremendous amount of commercial 'insights', read, ways to sell, sell, sell IT, there are even a greater number of online publications, 'do's, don'ts in IT', the 'How to....'s.., professional looking personalized ad-bombs, harassment through the email or web pages. All to make you aware that product or item XYZ is in the market and why they desperate frantically are trying to convince you why you should .....  buy ....

Let's NOT!
Let's just use a few of the ancient earlier methods used, from the early days of digital automation where sanity still had the upper hand in stead of commerce shall we? Just for argument sake, just indulge us a few minutes of your valuable time. After that, you can proceed with being ripped off by commerce ...

Ancient Universal Principles
Automation, in general, is a principle to increase speed in process, multiply production of gesture, with less cost or energy. This principle is as old as earth you walk on since automating is what (wo)man is doing from day one. Else we wouldn't have magnets in alternators providing us with energy. Else we wouldn't have evolved the principle of the wheel that over the centuries brought us a fiat, mini cooper and Bugatti Veyron or, the ball bearings in God knows what kind of production machine. Just to illustrate and demonstrate there's nothing new at all, what ever commerce is hyping, yelling, exclaiming.

Principle one:
Proven concepts. In the earlier days of the internet, we were thinking in simple terms in digital automation. To assure ourselves not to be the victim of error of commerce, we simply instated one simple rule. Is the machine, element, method, a proven concept? Why should we be the guinea pig for commerce, Microsoft has become what they are today just because of that. Let others test it and provide us free input, we solve error and we don't need to pay for it. If you think your not ripped off here by commerce, we leave you sleeping.  We will speak with you the first huge error you'll encounter.

Principle two:
Is it adding proven value? Sure, the newest gadgets are the nicest and trendy wannahaves, and who doesn't want to be trendy? Well, if it comes down to an organization, with 100 work seats, that suddenly lose time and production for a predictable amount of hours, you as owner have to finance, because you were, sort of, tricked in to buy a new piece of software, and the supplier has all excuses in the world why your organization is just not like average and there for the extra time and delay of adjustment......  for they don't know that Digital Automation is 100% predictable, perhaps this instance will start to make you think....

Principle three
The Less the Merrier!  Commerce has a scheme. Let's implement something and if we encounter an error, we fix the error with a patch or upgrade. Good. That you as purchaser will be the one in the least, paying for employers not being able to be productive, yet like to get paid every end of the month, because commerce #ucks #p, fail big time, and when you want to drag them to court, your legal tell you best not to .... because .... You know, the small prints in their contracts.... Anyway you end up with all kinds of methods and equipment increasing vulnerability bud basically not adding up...

So if commerce trick you into something called Bring your own device, you know byod, if commerce persuaded you to implement scrumtidum, agile, lean, because your IT would become faster as ever, that commerce convinced you that in a migration project, changing IT service supplier, they deem that all equipment is to be exchanged, all platforms on int also because the new SD organization is using something completely different?  That such popped up as an issue, unknown prior like 'jack in a box'? 

You will be guaranteed of ... increasing bigger bills to pay. If it's not commerce you pay, you will pay for all the moments and hours your staff, your employees aren't productive. and in these instances the more you have in IT, guarantee is that the sooner the bills will rise.

Back to the future? Here just some simple suggestions..... no questions asked, no after-sale ....

Digital Automation in all aspects, for all concerned, every echelon and discipline, is 100% predictable!

1. What is automation?
Let the vendor explain to you what automation in their view and experience is. The less coherent or comprehensible their explanation, the faster for you to open your door....

2. Is their concept a proven concept?
Fine, 'Never assume, always verify'.  Find out, talk with customers using it.

3. What is the added value?
Remember,  Digital Automation is all about reduction of facility to increase productivity/profit. No adding value will mean more big bills to pay.... to commerce...

We don't sell you anything, we don't have any stake in your business. We just raise your awareness in your Digital Automation. We also don't have to pay your bills if things go wrong. It is as Simple as that.

Back to the Future perhaps?

Greatest of Success in every endeavor you are sailing ....