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What is IT? What's IT for? ' Haven't 'they' told you by now..... yet?

What is IT? What's IT for? '  Haven't 'they' told you by now..... yet?
In our presentations, seminars, contacts, with enterprises and entities of all sorts and size, we always received the same baffled look when asked the question.' What is IT and What's IT for?' Many IT professional all of a sudden came with wide spread and serious uncanning useless uncomprehensible idea and explanation while Non IT executives, CIO's, Managers, looked wide eyed stating,' Haven't got a clue but they'll know...' pointing to IT professionals.
'They' don't know..!
There are two serious questions every project or program stakeholder, program manager, project manager, customer of IT, is to ask the IT professional or professionals working in IT. The reason we, as a very small minority, state you this, is when you ask 'them' these two questions, and 'they' can't explain it comprehensible to you, you should dismiss them instantly.  Why? 100% guarantee huge bills ahead. If this doesn't bother you, as apparent, so it seems, many enterprises, organizations, business entities, stakeholder does, perhaps move on. If, however, it does bother you, those sudden, unexpected, deer bills, delay, uncertainties, perhaps one should continue to read.
Digital Automation, IT, 100% predictable
It is most odd to experience that many IT professionals, or professionals working in IT, aren't able to comprehension, to tell you what digital automation and IT are. Since these, on all echelons, disciplines, for EVERYONE involved in and with IT, are 100% predictable matter and substance working according ancient universal principles. And in addition, 'they' not only are to be in position to tell you WHAT digital automation is, 'they' also are to be able to state to you WHY it is one implements Digital Automation and IT.  You, dear customer, CIO, stakeholder, manager, executive, YOU are in title to receive that global uniform description of both. Else, you will end up with many discussion, delay, unforeseen circumstances, and last but not least, undesirable many huge bills to pay. In the most extreme, arbitrage or courts.
Hypes to be left Hypes
Another most important thing is that hypes are only commercial outings serving commerce, not the enterprise nor entity. Last years a number of hypes past where at one point, you entrepreneur, executive, manager,  stakeholder, have absolutely no idea where it all is about and some of you even, in the midst of the bombardment of all kinds of hypes, publications, whit papers, 'expert' reviews, feel compelled to give in and ... ending with a huge stack of big bills to play. Just to indulge your curiosity we will mention a few.
Cloud and cloud based computing
Here a small illustration of over twenty years ago. One see the cloud in the middle. Cloud here is deemed the 'dangerous vile' internet where computer networks through the internet could be connected. Nothing new. There is another cloud technique that basically would break up documents and pictures up to billion pieces to store all over the world. Reason was to be able to assemble them from anywhere with the emphasis on 'divide and conquer'. Only the owner could get access, no one else.
Today? The commercial world has exploded with all kinds of cloud products and services as if they'd invented themselves anew. Little does one know that all these are simply based upon this old illustration. In essence? Nothing changed. Well that is..... more connections and elements, greater risks, and.... more big bills to pay.
Bring Your Own Device (Byod)
Suddenly all kinds of articles and white papers emerged. Your employer is asking, no begging, to be able to bring ones own laptop to the office. Think of how economic that could be. Implement the opportunity to work from home, or anywhere and .... see how much the enterprise can save. Simply join progress, don't waste time, you must else your to late to catch up with market developments. So goes this hype. Well.... The first question one should ask oneself as enterprise owner, business(wo)man, CEO, CIO, stakeholder, manager ... 'Who are 'they' suddenly to ask/pray/demand the opportunity to start to work from home or elsewhere using their own laptop?' Where is the added value? For those gave in to this hype? Many big bills in terms of adjusting to market hypes, suddenly many security issues, many organization issues, licenses, and ... grave costs in terms of extra management and control.
How great this hype suddenly to be able from any moment and anywhere to be able to be connected to the office, project, enterprise? The great benefits of being able to keep track of your email and whats apps. How convenient to be able to be even here, at home, last moments of the day, on your holiday, to be an stay connected, not missing out anything? Well, thing here is that being productive with an tablet, phablet or android, only serves commerce. Not your enterprise. Since the costs of security will be staggering, the return on investment to little to consider. The use of these devices pos virtually no adding value but....  what will happen and is happening is the stress levels are increasing and the numbers of burned out professionals for years on the rise. As one may observe, many huge bills ahead.
The latest phrases becoming Agile, implementing scrum. Well .... I one like to invest in these and IT, one perhaps is to think again. In the first place, IT still hasn't come up with a global comprehensive declaration or explanation of what digital automation and IT is to the Non IT world. Let alone that new hypes to be implemented to make digital automation or IT run better and smoother than the current in place methods? Implementing commercial hyped methods like agile or scrum doesn't add anything since one still hasn't established a global consensus in terms of WHAT digital automation is and WHY IT? Qui Benefits? Again, commerce, not the entity, enterprise, your business. You are paying the bills.
An elementary/essential explanation

There is a commerce free explanation that is universal and free for all.It can be found here for those who are interested.  It outweighs all commerce and 're-invented' methods and does exactly what is to be expected of  a method. It is 100% aligned with digital automation and IT and explains in layman terms what digital automation is and how it is behaving. Since there is no commerce at all involved, nor something 'new' or hyped, it is there for the IT professional and Non It executive, manager, stakeholder and all those using IT.
Simple declaration of Digital Automation and IT for Non IT enterprises and entities
Explaining digital automation and IT to comprehension isn't to difficult. We distance our-selves here. Reason? We don't want to jeopardize your opportunity to take the opportunity to achieve what we have stated here above. To find out who understand professionally what digital automation and IT is  and can comprehensibly explain that to you. What we can tell you to aid and assist you to...
- Digital Automation and IT is 100% predictable
This means that IT professionals and professionals in IT are to be expected to comprehensive explain to you what they are doing, the prospects, the benefits, the duration, of what they are doing. This is mandatory for every IT discipline, program and project. Else? Many big bills ahead.
-  Added Value
IT is to add plain, calculable, 100% explainable value to your business, enterprise, entity. If it's not, you have one simple assurance.  Many big bills ahead.
- Proven concepts
Demand proven controllable concepts. If you are the guinea pig, good. They should pay you. Else? Many big bills ahead.
Hypes are hypes
There is a simple ancient universal principle at work here. In old medieval times, merchants on the markets who shouted loudest, needed business and customers the most. Those you didn't hear, simply didn't have time for it, serving customers.
Digital Automation and IT serves you to become more productive with lesser human effort. Simplicity is the key to NOT have to spend or invest since in over 75% of the implemented digital automation and IT, the top of it's commercial exploitation isn't reached.
We happily have provide you with five simple tools with whom you instant, from here, can determine if all is going 'well' for you and, instant tools to save immediate 1000's of €/$/£' s... with what you already have in place.
We wish you greatest prosperity in and with your digital automation, IT and every endeavor you're pursuing....
René C