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What is IT? What's IT for? 'The Powers of Nothing....'

What is IT? What's IT for?    'The Powers of Nothing....'In our presentations, seminars, contacts, with enterprises and entities of all sorts and size, we always received the same baffled look when asked the question.' What is IT and What's IT for?' Many IT professional all of a sudden came with wide spread and serious uncanning useless uncomprehensible idea and explanation while Non IT executives, CIO's, Managers, looked wide eyed stating,' Haven't got a clue but they'll know...' pointing to IT professionals.
'They' don't know..!
There are two serious questions every project or program stakeholder, program manager, project manager, customer of IT, is to ask the IT professional or professionals working in IT. The reason we, as a very small minority, state you this, is when you ask 'them' these two questions, and 'they' can't explain it comprehensible to you, you should dismiss them instantly.  Why? 100% guarantee huge bills ahead. If this doesn't bother you, as apparent, so it seems, many enterprises, organizations, business entities, stakeholder does, perhaps move on. If, however, it does bother you, those sudden, unexpected, deer bills, delay, uncertainties, perhaps one should continue to read.
Digital Automation, IT, 100% predictable
It is most odd to experience that many IT professionals, or professionals working in IT, aren't able to comprehension, to tell you what digital automation and IT are. Since these, on all echelons, disciplines, for EVERYONE involved in and with IT, are 100% predictable matter and substance working according ancient universal principles. And in addition, 'they' not only are to be in position to tell you WHAT digital automation is, 'they' also are to be able to state to you WHY it is one implements Digital Automation and IT.  You, dear customer, CIO, stakeholder, manager, executive, YOU are in title to receive that global uniform description of both. Else, you will end up with many discussion, delay, unforeseen circumstances, and last but not least, undesirable many huge bills to pay. In the most extreme, arbitrage or courts.
Hypes to be left Hypes
Another most important thing is that hypes are only commercial outings serving commerce, not the enterprise nor entity. Last years a number of hypes past where at one point, you entrepreneur, executive, manager,  stakeholder, have absolutely no idea where it all is about and some of you even, in the midst of the bombardment of all kinds of hypes, public