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'Will Smith The Fresh Prince' 'The Code of Success & Fulfillment...' The Power of Nothing...'

'Will Smith The Fresh Prince'  'The Code of Success & Fulfillment...' The Power of Nothing...'Will, The Fresh Prince, Smith, born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, had the 'MC' early in him as 'IT' what he wanted to do most. He even turned down an MIT scholarship mid summer program since this was 'IT' for  'The Fresh Prince...' In 1985 'chance' struck as a few doors away of his home address, Jeffrey "DJ Jazzy Jeff" Townes had a 'gig' as turntablist, missing his hype man being stuck somewhere some how. Will proposed to fill in and chemistry was born. Will enlisted a third man by name of Clarence ' Ready Rock C' Holmes and the three formed a trio. The break through cover of 'I dream of Jeannie...' released just one month before graduating from high school.
After enjoying life in 'abundance', underpaying taxes, the IRS assessed a $ 2.8 million tax debt which left Will almost bankrupt. On the verge of it, in 1990, NBC signed on Will for the world famous sitcom 'The Fresh Prince of Bell Air'.

The Code of Success and Fulfillness working ...
Not every one would call it as such, a remark that isn't of any importance at all. Will simply KNOW what he is about to do since childhood and just do that and repeat that since what one KNOWs and understand by heart, is what one does best. Once one does that, doors and opportunity will open and Acting upon these will create 'flow' .
NumoQuest© Profiler®
NumoQuest© Profiler®  shows Will is strong in word, fact, technique hence another side is the sense of home, being a friend, confident and an aid if needed for many close to him. One of his strongest assets, since childhood, is believing things will happen if one pursuits that in heart and soul and his strongest Soft Skills, Entrepreneurship, Flexibility,  perseverance and strongest of all being an Inspiration to many.
Repeat to Habit....
One of the strongest assets anyone have, often not realizing it, is simply repeating the what works strongest and best for one. The combination of Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills, the Unique moment one is born, out of two UniQue parents, finally shows how UniQue every person is in this world. Finding out first ones UniQue Natural Born Talents and Soft Skils and Act according these, shows that mimicking or copying someone famous and successful in general simply doesn't work. And the why not here is that Succeeding, Achieving, is equally UniQue as the moment one encounters open doors and opportunities like all the great famous names one can think of.
Why 'IT' doesn't workd for you...?!?
Simply find out what your Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills are, which aren't what you have acquired by learning nor experiencing.  Simply finding out that first and then what is becoming to that will open doors and opportunity, your way. This isn't taught in the many methods like 'the secret', 'law of attraction', coaches, motivation guru's', attending seminars, reading success stories of others, all these quotations on line. They didn't tell you that the missing major ingredient is...  Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills, KNOWing that, and Act becoming to these.
Now go out there and find out your Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills and then .... start you journey according 'the Code of Success & Fulfilment...' ... Your UniQue way...  and no one else's .... And please, don't forget to Share... :O)

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