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YOU ARE CREATOR ... Create... 'The Power of Nothing...'

YOU ARE CREATOR ... Create...  'The Power of Nothing...'(Wo)Man is Creator
Without you perhaps realizing it, by nature, (wo)man is a Creator. It is in your natural DNA. It is the way of understanding how 'IT' works. There is a very simple universal principle working that is older than this world itself.

Imagine - Focus - ACT - Recognize and seize opportunity - Achieve your Goal. Repeat it until it is HABIT!

Since (wo)man is doing this every moment of the day, sometimes conscious, often unconscious, we are happy to demonstrate to you how it 'Lives'.  All you can see, feel, touch, around you, is a result of this formula. Also the Creating part. Think of the great and famous names, brands, articles, they all ARE because of this formula. Every moment (wo)man speaks, basically, try to see it as such, you are Creating. Adding to a conversation, also is Creation. Buying a fashion or designed article, that is contributing to Creation. Some Creations have the potential to become Huge, others haven't found soil for growth.
95% 4% 1%
Here the universal principle of 95% 4% 1% applies also. 95% of the Creations hardly will have potential, 4% have Great potential and 1% Truly is destined to be Huge! Think of Apple, Coca Cola, Smarties, Nuts, IBM, Philips, the telephone, DVD/Blue Ray, Laser, matches, paperclip, utensils, Coffee machine, chair, table, fashion, buildings, modern art, ancient statues and paintings. All these have become huge according the same universal principle. It also means that 95% of all developments basically fail to become a commercial success. Never the less, (wo)man remains Creator by nature.
No Limits, No Discrimination, No right, No wrong
There are no limits else then the limits a person accepts and embraces. Creation knows no limit, no judgement, no right, no wrong. Creation, if you like to look at it as such, is free and above all that. Creation isn't hindered or stopped by opinion or judgement. Only (wo)man is if (s)he accepts the judgement of others. The 95% 4% 1% also applies to the people who Create. 95% have ideas, not serving any of them. 4% simply out of curiosity, perhaps out of opportunism, takes the idea one step further and makes it a useful success. And the 1% are those bringing an idea to fame. All of this only can because there are people, open to anything. Never stops thinking, never stops asking.

In 1930, at age 16, George Nissen came up with an idea that would revolutionize acrobatics: the trampoline. After seeing trapeze artists finish their routines by dropping into a safety net below, Nissen thought it would be even more exciting if they could somehow keep bouncing around – so he turned his parents’ garage into a workshop and got cracking. His invention consisted of a metal frame with canvas stretched over it, which he christened the “bouncing rig.”

While studying a business degree at the University of Iowa, Nissen continued to perfect his contraption, replacing the canvas with nylon to increase the bounce. He changed the name to “trampoline”, adding an “e” to the Spanish word for “diving board”, and registered it as a trademark. “There was no market for it because nobody has ever seen one,” said Nissen. “I had to demonstrate its worth. And that was always my forte. I like to make new things and then market them.” The late inventor spent his life traveling the world doing trampoline demonstrations and promoting both his invention and the sport. At the age of 92, he could still do a headstand.

Hart Main’s business started out with a joke. In 2010, the 13-year-old made fun of the girlie-scented candles his sister was vending at a school fundraiser and kidded that she ought to try more manly scents. However, his parents overheard him and encouraged Main to pursue the idea himself. So it was that Main used $100 he had earned from his newspaper route and gave it a go. He purchased scents and wax online and decided to make his ManCan candles in recycled soup cans, choosing aromas like Coffee, New Mitt, Bacon and Fresh Cut Grass. In 2011, he shifted 25,000 ManCans.

On a winter’s night in 1905, the temperature in San Francisco had fallen to a record low, by chance freezing a concoction that 11-year-old Frank Epperson had left out on the porch. As the story goes, Epperson mixed soda water powder and water in a glass and then left the stirring stick in the mixture. After a night out in the cold, the mixture had frozen solid – and the accidental inventor had created the world’s first Popsicle.

Epperson didn’t do anything more with his invention until 1922, when he gave out the treat at a fireman’s ball. Everyone loved it so much that he patented his idea under the name “Eppsicle.” However, he changed the name after his children started calling the treat a “Popsicle.” Epperson sold on the rights to the Popsicle brand name to New York’s Joe Lowe Company in 1925. Three years later, Popsicle sales had topped 60 million, bringing Epperson royalties on each sale.
Be Creator
As one can read, it isn't always clear insight, an idea popping up in mind, sometimes it simply is downright appearing or triggered often. Again, no limits like in age. No limit in person or background. Nothing to do with a right way, a wrong way. It had everything to do with people, simply acting according the simple ancient universal principle in formula, even without knowing it happened that way. Many famous names you can think of, belonging at their 1% League, simply follow and repeat the formula. Imagine - Focus - ACT - Recognize and seize opportunity - Achieve your Goal. Repeat it until it is HABIT!  Talk to them and a few things will become clear since these are universal.
Famous people KNOW their True Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills by heart. Often they face difficulties and opposing reaction by parents, teachers at school, adults trying to force the to live certain way, accepting certain discipline. Those great names you know, were luckily, stubborn enough, to see it their way and continue to act 'Their Way.'
No Judgement
By heart, those great names understand that judgment only is limiting. People are sometimes envious, sometimes have different perception or plan, trying to distract them. Sometimes those great names gave in for the moment only to realize shortly, that they had to return to their original plan an view. They learned, sometimes the hard way, that judgement and opinion only was counterproductive.
Unique Human Beings
You see, every human, KNOWING her/his True Natural Talents and Soft Skills, sticking with just that, are often regarded to as being stubborn or inflexible, sometimes even Arrogant of selfish. Only few understand that these qualifications are wrong since all they are doing is being themselves and doing what is purely natural to them. They only can become member of their 1% League because of that way. The Talents and Soft Skills they have, the combination, makes them Unique like you, dear reader, are. A Unique Human Being....
Choice, Chance and Opportunity
People 'Making 'IT'', are persistent in what they do, 'Their Way'. You see, on the moment you decide to 'Act!', things start to happen. You will start to meet like wise oriented and thinking people. You will meet people who like what you do and love you for it. You will see that opportunity is opening to you since you are Focused and dedicated into a certain direction. Universal principle is it that opens the way towards realization of ..... What Ever 'IT' is you are dedicated to.
The More the Merrier...
This also is a universal principle, described in many form, shape and color in many books, throughout history all over the globe. Where you dedicate yourself to a plan, idea, cause, 'Like attract Like' principle will kick in. More people walking 'you way', Liking what you do and often aid and support you in your dedication. What Ever your 'IT' is.
Every moment you speak, you create ... adding to Creation... Simply willing to look this way, you will understand that you, as Unique as you are, do Create. It simply is up to you to understand and embrace the fact that any Creation, also is in you. It doesn't require any high level education, it doesn't require becoming member of an elite society or club. It doesn't get any better buying a book or white paper about idea, creation or success. It wont bring you any luck nor success to visit expensive coaches or frequently visiting seminars or motivational events. Creating doesn't cost you any money, there is no 'One Way' of creation. All you have to do is think it over, then you decide WHAT and HOW it will work for you.

For the way it is working for you, will never work for someone else. The 95% 4% 1% here also applies as well as how Unique YOU ARE!
Have an awesome day today and try to start with little things to find how it will work for you.....
Please, do share .... and don't forget to put your FUN in 'IT':O)

Numo Quest 16/11/2017 · #6

Indeed Preston, thank you greatly for your sharing. There is no limit or moment predictable where that 'SPARK' or insight or idea come from. (wo)man has many yet 95% of the people simply ignore them, forget them or arn't up to ACT upon them so some one else will experience the same perhaps ACT upon that. It is exactly as the Universal Principles are working, regardless the scenario, vocabulary used. It all comes down to 33 ancient yet most simple Universal Principles. Again, great thanks for sharing. Please pas our publication to other groups. It's worth for others. :O)

Numo Quest 16/11/2017 · #5

#3 To go with the Universal Principles .... everything YOU want it to be, is Good! For what works is what works. There is no limitation even in that. Thanks for this reply Ali :O)

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Preston 🐝 Vander Ven 15/11/2017 · #4

Great Buzz. Imagination is what I feel is one of the greatest talents humans were given. Each item in the world we use today did not exist until it began with a thought in so ones head. Just as you said, even as a joke.
One of my favorites stories is not of a invention that change the world, yet of a restaurant that put a new item on their meal. This is a story I saw on the show "Exotic Foods". This restaurant is up in Chicago. A number of years ago, on a Tuesday night, four men walked into a pizza restaurant. These men were acting harmless, yet the owner could tell they were both drunk and high on drugs. He was about to ask them to leave, then one of them ask him for TACOS.
The owner replied, "I sorry, this is a Pizza restaurant." One of the men took out over $600 in cash and gave it to the owner and said, "I want tacos."
The owner said, "Coming right up." The man then gave the money to one of the employees to buy all the ingredients needed to make Tacos.
He didn't just want to make tacos but, he had an idea because it was a pizza restaurant. He created a pizza with Tacos circling the outer side of the pizza and other ingredients on the inside. The four men who ordered it love it and left happy.
While these men were enjoying this meal, other customers were wondering what this new pizza was and also ordered it. He sold three pizzas using all the ingredients they bought that night. The next night, the restaurant was packed with customers wanting to try with new pizza. Since, he did not expect to ever make it again, he decided to add it to his Menu, as his TACO TUESDAY PIZZA, served one a week.
He ended the TV show saying that he never saw those four drunk men again, yet wanted to thank them, because that spark of an idea saved his restaurant.

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#2 We keep saying go natural. I may add here Go with the Universal Principles. Go natural is a daughter of the universal principles.

I agree dear @Numo Quest

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Numo Quest 14/11/2017 · #2

#1 Goodday dear Ali, this is the ancient way that always have worked debunked for all. No exclusivity to any religion, government, 'elite society', government, 'special person'. The Universal Principles roams free even before existence of this world. Any person has endless and free access to them. Only one thing, just embrace it's powerful ways and opportunities. No sacrifice required.... ;O)

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Wonderment and imagination are your seeds to make small ideas big and profitable. This is a superb buzz to show you the way to do it. No lack of resources will stop you from doing it. Luck will also eventually strike your door.
Thank you @Numo Quest for contributing such a lovely buzz.

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