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Is It A Good Idea To Delay Your Periods?

Is It A Good Idea To Delay Your Periods?

If you wish to delay your periods, then you could come up with several methods. This turns out to be useful especially when women are going through a painful situation. However, disturbing the time interval can interfere with the natural menstrual cycle. Let's have a look whether or not it is safe to delay periods.

Through Norethisterone

Norethisterone is nothing but a pill that can delay the period as much as 17 days. Initially, you start taking the pills 3 days before the period is due and then move on to take tablets for a maximum time span of 20 days. The period would still persist if you stop taking Norethisterone. Since Norethisterone contains progesterone, the level of the female hormones is enhanced. This curbs the lining of the womb from shedding and thereby delays your period to a considerable extent. You can either order pills from the online portal or by visiting the medical store. But, Norethisterone isn't safe for women especially when they are suffering from Thrombosis or blood clots. So it is always a good idea to get in touch with the doctor before you start taking such kind of pills.

If you desire to place an order through a website, then you have no other option than filling out a questionnaire to help doctors figure out the suitability. Even though the medicine is safe for women at some point in time, it's advisable that you shouldn't take such pills regularly. Moreover, Norethisterone should not be perceived as a contraceptive in order to prevent pregnancy.

Through Combined Contraceptive Pills

In order to skip a period, women can take 2 packets of contraceptive pills back-to-back. Once again if you want to have phasic pills, then it is always a good idea to get in touch with the doctor.

Taking two pockets does actually work because levels of hormone such as oestrogen and progesterone are considerably enhanced. This in turn, prevents the womb lining from shedding. But, the downside is that when you have finished the second packet, the hormone levels are bound to fall and you would have periods as it usually is.

When it is the need of the hour, it’s safe to take back-to-back packets, but you should restrict yourself to 2 packets. However, some women may have to deal with a terrible experience with this regime. Browse through a couple of online clinics if you are not aware about the brands of combined contraceptive pills. This would give a fair Idea as to what you need to buy from the medical store.

Through Mini Pills

Recognized as progesterone-only pills, mini pills are known to stop periods for a longer time span. While almost 20% of women take such pills, the balance individuals have to go through a tough situation and do more to fight back erratic bleeding.

There is nothing to be afraid about and it is perfectly fine if the periods have stopped by consuming mini pills.

Through Phasic Pills

A lady might get excited to take phasic combined contraceptive pill. Though the pills contain different quantities of hormones, it is recommended that a person should not take pills back-to-back. While the lady tries to meet the objectives of dealing her periods, she might probably have to deal with something even more serious.

So whatever you attempt to do, you should first talk with doctor and pace ahead accordingly.