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Corporate Superpower – a step-by-step guide to corporate culture management

Corporate Superpower – a step-by-step guide to corporate culture managementhttps://www.goodreads.com/author_blog_posts/16256327-corporate-superpower---new-book-on-corporate-culture

Corporate Superpower - new book on corporate culture

"Corporate Superpower: Cultivating A Winning Culture For Your Business" by Oleg Konovalov will be released by WildBlue Press (USA) on the 07th of March 2018.

About book: Many organizations today find themselves stagnating, struggling just to keep up in today’s rapidly changing environment. Companies rise and fall with alarming rapidity. Employees and managers have little or no loyalty to their organizations and are always on the lookout for a bigger paycheck or the next step in their own careers. All of this presents major problems for any group, whether a gas station, church or international corporate powerhouse. And they can all be traced back to one thing – culture.

Culture is the soul of any organization. A strong culture breeds loyalty, innovation, and success. A weak culture will breed cynicism, apathy, instability, and the eventual demise of the organization. Yet, culture is an often overlooked aspect of business thinking and strategy.

However, there are a lot of organizations with counterproductive cultures in which culture is an inhibitor, slowing down all processes and increasing transaction, governance and production costs. This issue is rarely discussed but very often faced by all of us.

Positive culture can’t be maintained without such critical factors as respect, job satisfaction, involvement, loyalty, shared affection, preparedness to change, and responsibility, which defines the engagement of everyone in an organization. Teamwork, innovativeness, professionalism, accountability, shared vision, and trust form the main asset of any organization, its metaphysical resources. They define the nature of psychological power residing in culture and have direct impact on a company’s performance and achievement of its goals. Whether or not this potential is realized depends on how effectively it is exploited.

In this book, a reader will learn what culture is, why it is important and how to fix it when it goes wrong. Leaders, management, as well as employees on the front lines will benefit from the discussion. This book is for those rising above the ordinary every day.

Praises for Corporate Superpower:

“The great Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” and Oleg Konovalov shows why this is so true! Corporate Superpower can help your organization create the culture needed to move to the next level of success. Great coaching on culture from a great thinker!”

   Marshall Goldsmith, Thinkers 50, #1 Leadership Thinker, #1 Executive Coach in the World

“Oleg Konovalov is a deep thinker. He explores the role and function of modern corporate culture, sharing plenty of practical, philosophical and thought-provoking ideas that can take your business to the next level.”

Shep Hyken, Customer Service Expert, NYT bestselling author of The Amazement Revolution

“Today many large and mega corporations spend a great deal of money and time trying to increase the originality of their employees, hoping thereby to get a competitive edge in the marketplace. “Corporate Superpower” by Oleg Konovalov is a powerful tool and a critical ingredient to rethink modern corporate culture. No matter the industry or expertise, the visionary nature of “Corporate Superpower” will engage your team and strengthen your corporate environment.

Corporate Superpower exhibits an extraordinary transformative leadership model that empowers CEO, managers, and employees, and helps understand the full spectrum of prioritizing the mental and emotional well-being of employees to increase profit, improve lives, transform culture, and sustain corporate growth. A modern business and society need such creative thinking and extraordinary approaches that allow making a leap forward and reaching new heights in development.

I have read “Corporate Superpower” twice and I am already experiencing the transforming powers of what leadership is all about, and how these principles can be integrated into the non-profit, businesses, small or large corporations, and governments best practice.”

   Hr. H.E. Sir. Dr. Raphael Louis, Founder, President/CEO FAAVM – AFPMV, Leader of The National Coalition Party of Canada

“In more than 20 years of working with companies around the world, I understand that culture is one of the most important, if not THE most important, determining factor in an organization’s success. That is why I think it is essential that you read Corporate Superpower. This book is among the most comprehensive, insightful and educational books I have ever read on how to build a world-class culture. I consider this a must read on this extremely critical topic.”

   John Spence, Top 100 Business Thought Leader & Small Business Influencer in the USA

“A deeply compelling journey into the soul of successful organisations, from the Dark Kingdoms of dysfunctional company culture to the visionary heights of corporate superpowers. Rich with real-life experiences, this book is an invaluable companion and guide for leaders, their organisations and teams in times of increasing complexity and change.”

   David Clive Price, PhD, Expert on Global Leadership and author of Bamboo Strong

"Corporate Superpower shares the secret that all world-class organizations have in common, they have amazing cultures. Your customers will never be any happier than your employees are. Oleg Konovalov tells you how to create an incredible corporate culture in this book.”

   John R. DiJulius III, Author of The Customer Service Revolution

“Indeed a very powerful book. The discussion of the essence of corporate culture, spiritual dimensions, and shared values is very illustrative and practical.”

   Sir. Dr. Linjie Chou Zanadu, Secretary at the World Cultural Diversity Organisation

“A graphically narrated book that connects the dots of the theory behind the practices that take place in the corporate world. A pragmatic and holistic review of all those elements that affect the employee experience. This book gives the impression to the reader that is being mentored by a wise person that has the diverse experience and superpower to navigate the reader through the contemporary workplace cultures. A valuable, practical guide for the uncharted geographies of the current and future work environment.” 

   Anna Mamalaki, Global HR, Employee Experience Expert

“Dr. Oleg Konovalov offers a new word in culture management and unlocking potentials for the XXI century businesses. In his outstanding book, Oleg sets new standards of understanding corporate culture as the main source of inner energy and critical metaphysical resources which define sustainable development and long-term success. The offered discussion exceeds patterned thinking, yet practical and appealing. One of the best books on corporate culture.”

   H.E. Ms. Sania A. Ansari, Chair Person, Ansari Group Ltd.