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How To Turn Culture Into A Productive Force


How To Turn Culture Into A Productive Force

Interview – Skip Prichard and Oleg Konovalov on Leadership Insights

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Cultivating A Winning Culture For Your Business

A strong productive culture is a superpower behind every long-lasting success. Culture demands artful management and everyday care, which seem to remain a mystery for many. How do you turn corporate culture into a productive force and secure success?

In CORPORATE SUPERPOWER: Cultivating A Winning Culture For Your Business, author Oleg Konovalov discusses what culture is, its functions and roles, why it is important and how to fix it when it goes wrong. The book offers a step-by-step guide on how to manage this incredible asset. Oleg is a management consultant with rich experience of running businesses in different industries and countries. His book is an exceptionally well-done overview of culture and how to turn it into an asset for any organization.

I spoke with Oleg about the book and his findings.

“Culture is a measure of success and a cause of it.” -Oleg Konovalov

Why do you think culture is getting so much attention these days?

We are well into the Knowledge Era, a time for new thinking about people, and appreciate that everyone has a stake in building the future. This is an era of a competition of corporate cultures, not processes.

Culture influences people’s actions, vision, minds, and hearts. In fact, an organization’s culture is its soul, and whoever controls the culture controls the soul and so, organization.

No company can move further than its employees’ competencies, where strategic development is bounded by the development of people. A successful implementation of corporate strategy directly depends on the active involvement and constant improvement of everyone.

Organizational culture is the most crucial ingredient of success, giving life to all of its many processes. Strong culture stimulates the enhancement of productivity by homogenizing the best psychological qualities of employees, the sense of unity and belonging, internal cooperation, and employees’ loyalty. Also, sustainable development depends on an organization’s ability to attract and retain the best people.

“Culture influences people’s actions, vision, minds, and hearts.” -Oleg Konovalov

Why Leaders Must Care for the Culture

You argue that if a leader cannot care for the corporate culture, success is not possible. Why is something so important overlooked?

The problem is that only a few businesses understand corporate culture, its nature, and functions. Culture is the result of conscious choice, artful management, and daily efforts. Unfortunately, the duty of cultural caretaking frequently appears at the very bottom of a list of priorities.

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