Oleg Konovalov in HR Manager, Startups, HR Directors Sep 16, 2019 · 1 min read · +100

Leaderology for the Digital Era

Leaderology for the Digital Era

We are still hesitant to stop trying to create leaders by using approaches and techniques from the Industrial Era. We fail to consider that such a decades’ old approach fails in the new and radically demanding conditions of the Digital Age. Reliance on a few prominently gifted leaders is not enough anymore.

At the same, new emerging contextual factors make leadership as a critical function even more complex and demanding than ever before – changes in people management, technologies, the growing importance of diversity and inclusion, shifts in national cultures, and many more. We are well into a new phase of business evolution, a fact businesspeople ignore or struggle to accept.

The demand for leaders capable of growing people and creating appropriate conditions for growth shows that competent leadership becomes more important than anything else in terms of driving businesses for success.

We urgently need to break out of the old paradigm of leadership and develop something new and relevant to the realities of the Digital Era. It is a choice between life and death for our businesses.

If leadership is so important for the existence and success of all organizations, then we desperately need a new system for leading businesses. Leaderology is a system of systematic knowledge, competencies, and skills that allow an effective aligning of the organization, culture, and the most appropriate modes of leadership to serve customers effectively. It is a response to the growing complexity of duties and tasks in the Digital Era.

In other words, success in business should have a code that defines its feasibility. The aim of leaderology is to find these codes of success for different businesses.

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