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ONE-HOUR SELF-ASSESSMENT FORM: 38 Questions to Help You to Advance Your Leadership



38 Questions to Help You to Advance Your Leadership

We stand on the brink of a great unknown. The Digital Era has clearly demonstrated that we can’t progress further without developing leadership capabilities to a highest possible level. We are at the beginning of the Renaissance period in modern management and leadership which demands leadership as a system thinking and acting. The old leadership patterns are not sufficient any more.

The following one-hour self-assessment form drawn from my book, LEADEROLOGY, would help you to define the areas of improvement and thus, to make a leap in performance and reach a new level of success.

The world needs exceptional leaders who are building on their capacities day after day and I believe you are one of them.

Let’s get started.

1. What are the most typical mistakes from the past hold you back from becoming an extraordinary leader?

2. What are the core elements of successful business?

3. How clearly you can define your customers’ needs? Can you envision them as clearly as your personal?

4. Problem is something that distances a business from its customers. In this sense, what three most serious problems you can encounter in your business?

5. In your view, what is a foremost in customer care?

6. What are the main six properties of any organization which reveal its full potential and define its performance?

7. Organizational archetypes define the way how organizations conduct their business, utilize internal and external resources, and serve customers. To which archetype your business belongs?

8. Customers define needs and pay organizations to satisfy them or solve their problems. A customer is a business’s focal resource. Customer demand forms niches in the market for which the competition is fierce indeed. What is your operational strategy? How your business is different in terms of operational principles and resource utilization?

9. What is your market niche where the most unique properties of your business are visible to customers?

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ONE-HOUR SELF-ASSESSMENT FORM: 38 Questions to Help You to Advance Your Leadership