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The Vision Code

The Vision Code

The Vision Code: How to Create and Execute a Compelling Vision for your Business

The Vision Code explores the concept of "vision" and leadership. The book reveals the secrets of building and executing a strong vision within any organization. Oleg Konovalov—an acclaimed global thought leader—draws together in one volume in-depth interviews with nineteen extraordinary global visionaries that represent a variety of industries and organizations. These leaders explain why a vision is needed, how to implement it, how to communicate a vision effectively, and how to live by it with integrity.

As Oleg Konovalov explains, vision is a key leadership skill that can be developed as a practical business tool for leading a company today and into the future. The stories of the nineteen leaders reveal how to develop a compelling vision and follow through with the vision in order to inspire an entire workforce. When a leader taps into the power of "vision," he or she creates a more meaningful business experience and ultimately, a better life. This compelling book:-

- Offers a guide for making the concept of vision a reality

- Provides the information needed to develop a clear and persuasive vision

- Contains an accessible guide to a much-needed skill

- Includes interviews with Marshall Goldsmith (#1 Leadership Thinker), Martin Lindstrom (#1 Branding Expert), Garry Ridge (Chairman and CEO of WD-40 Company) and many others

Written for leaders at all levels in organizations and industries of any type The Vision Code is a must-have book for anyone who wants to develop the skill to become a visionary leader.

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