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5 Most Astonishing Libraries Around The World

5 Most Astonishing Libraries Around The World

Wherever one lives in the world, a public library is a thing to be treasured, supported, and appreciated. In these collections of decidedly non-fake news, one may find everything from the latest edition of the local newspaper to a Quickbooks alternative for solving financial issues to the wisdom of great scientists and philosophers. The very fact that libraries provide the public with these vital services for free makes them one of the world’s most important, and most democratic, institutions.

1. Bardo Clubhouse Library

At a time when Egypt is cracking down on journalists, publishing houses, and libraries, it was important for Omar Amin to have a library on the first floor of his clubhouse in the Egyptian capital of Cairo. In November 2017, Amin left his marketing job to work at the library full-time. His collection, made up entirely of donations and books Amin purchased in the book markets of Cairo, includes books in Arabic and a variety of other languages. It even contains a first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. More than simply a place to read, the clubhouse provides Egyptians with a relatively safe place to meet, socialize, and freely exchange ideas.

2. Iraq National Library and Archive

Iraq’s National Library and Archive dates back to 1920. One of its most precarious moments was the 2003 invasion of Iraq, during which the library was looted and burned. As much as 95 percent of its rare book collection was lost, along with 60 percent of the archives. The collection barely had time to begin rebuilding before a bomb hit the library in 2007.

The Iraqi capital of Baghdad remains subject to instability and bombings. The library’s director,