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Comfy is the New in For Fashion

 Comfy is the New in For Fashion

Any ideal outfit would give you the comfortable freedom to lounge on your couch in any position desired and still make you look presentable for when you do need to step out to see your friends or run some errands. Thankfully, loungewear is trending and looks better than ever before as loose and comfortable clothing continues to gain attention in street wear. You no longer have to feel underdressed with the right pair of sweatpants and baggy tee, provided that they are the right types of sweatpants and baggy tee. With a few simple wardrobe hacks, you too can wear loungewear anywhere and still look amazing.

1.Clean out your closet

It may seem like a daunting task, but all those uncomfortable clothes are crowding your options. You know you’re never going to wear it so get rid of it. Either store these articles of clothing out of sight or donate them. Only then you’ll be able to see the true potential of your closet and what you already have to work with.

2.Shop for new clothing in a limited amount of stores

Most clothing lines have their own unique vibes. Pick around three that match your style and price range. Exhaust those options rather than wasting time and money at a bunch of different stores. If possible, research the shop’s online listings to get an idea of what you like before wandering in and being lost. A good example is the lularoe price list.

3.Basics Are Everything

If you buy clothing in neutral colors and plain designs, then putting outfits together becomes increasingly easy because every piece will match effortlessly. This also means you’re significantly cutting down on the time spent getting dressed since you can literally pull any two articles of clothing on and not have to worry about whether they match.

4.Statement Pieces Can Only Add to Your Outfits

That one colorful accessory might be all you need to make your outfit pop! Again, don’t overdo this.

5 Invest in Simple Fits.

The more buttons and laces on a piece of clothing, the more time it takes to put on and take off. Of course, there is also the extra maintenance required to care for delicate materials. Always go with the more stretchy fabrics. Clothing with too many embellishments is at risk of snagging or breakage, which will eventually look sloppy.

6.Work Outfits Can Be Simple

Sheath dresses, blazers, loose fitting trousers and plain blouses are all the staples you need to achieve that relaxed but professional look. You may be dressed for the office, but you’ll definitely feel at home.

7.Avoid Dry Cleaning at All Costs

Chances are you won’t have the time or willpower to make that trip anyway, even if you’re ready to go anywhere in comfort with your new wardrobe. Do yourself a favor and only buy machine washable clothing.

8.Take Good Care of Your Clothing

Make your investments last long with a few simple hacks when it comes time to do laundry. Run cold cycles to keep both your energy bill low and clothing safely clean.

9.Avoid Belts

They provide the opposite of comfort to achieve a look that can just as easily be done with cropped tops or high waisted trousers.

10.Experience a Lacy Bralette.

Not only do they look cuter than bras when exposed by a revealing top, but they are also infinitely more comfortable.

11.Balance Loose Clothing With Some Skin.

Pair that loose top with some shorts, which will provide the same look but with more comfort than form fitting skinny jeans. Reversely, loose bottoms can be paired with tops that reveal your shoulders, arms or back.

With these tips in mind, it should be easy to achieve your dream wardrobe. There is no need to detach comfortable clothing from what’s “in” or trending. So go on and live your balanced lifestyle of comfortable fashion!