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What Are Magic Mirrors?

What Are Magic Mirrors?

As you wander through the personal care section of any department, there is a lot of choices for skincare, makeup, and scents that would overwhelm even the most savvy consumer. Purchasing shades of makeup that you are excited about in the store, only to find out that the shades, colors, and texture disappoint at home is not something that anyone wants to experience.

With the evolution of the magic mirror, shopping for personal care items, like makeup, is made simple, easy, and exciting.

What Is A Magic Mirror?

A magic mirror is a new technology in personal care, and the latest innovation in helping you look and feel your best in any conditions. With the magic mirror, customers are allowed to "virtually" try on makeup such as foundation, lipstick and eyeshadow and liner without having to buy.

Department stores all over the country are now offering magic mirror technology in their cosmetics department with the intention that every customer who purchases knows what they will look like when wearing their purchases----before even leaving the store!

How Do Magic Mirrors Work?

With ModiFace technology, a consumer's face is scanned at a rate of 30 times per second, making virtual application of makeup nearly as flawless as that done by an accomplished makeup artist. Images of over thirty customized eye looks, as well as numerous shades of foundation, eyeliner, and brow shaping are offered via panoramic views. Magic mirror technology is all encompassing; all types of lighting conditions a person could likely be exposed to in a day are included as part of the options for viewing.

Implications For The Makeup Industry

With the virtual technology of the magic mirror, customers can try several different looks almost instantly, with the touch of a button. No expensive and time consuming removal techniques are necessary, and purchases are made with confidence. The mirror takes a sophisticated scan of your face and clothing, and makes suggestions based on your facial structure, skin tone, and wardrobe.

If your denim jacket is going to clash with a smoky eye ensemble, for instance, the mirror will make suggestions and give options for what would compliment you in every way. It then paints a digital portrait of you based on your selections, and it continues to monitor the movement and angles of your face, showing you what you would look like in a variety of situations. Knowing what you will look like as you make up your face allows you to purchase the products that you prefer.

Makeup artists are using the magic mirror as a tool for painting a virtual palette before committing to an actual "canvas". In this manner, they can be more time and cost efficient when it comes to using chair time and makeup materials.

Looking Like A Celebrity Is Now At Your Fingertips

With the preloaded technology now offered by the magic mirror, it is now easier than ever to look and feel like a celebrity. Included images on the magic mirror closely mimic makeup style worn by several stars, including Eva Longoria and Lupita Ngyong'o. If you have been wishing and hoping for facial contours like these ladies, achieving that look has now never been easier, and knowing which products to buy is much simpler.

Magic mirrors are becoming common in department stores across the U.S., and they are set to launch globally in 2018. With the revolution of the magic mirror, customer service is brought to the next level, and a new face of virtual reality brings makeover perfection possible, even for the most discriminating customer.