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Tips for Writing Effective Product Descriptions

Tips for Writing Effective Product Descriptions

We know, the product you’ve got is fantastic. We also know that you have spent years researching and creating it. And now finally it is ready to hit the market. You are filled with hopes of it being a great success. You’re putting your heart and soul in promoting it.

But before you start working on the campaign for its promotion, keep in mind the following points:

The words that you will be using to describe your product or service matter a lot. They have the power to persuade customers to click the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Some tips that can help you craft compelling product descriptions:

  • Know Your Target Audience

It is important to first know who your ideal customers are. What are their likings, what interests them? In what way can your product help them and make things easier for them?

Answering such questions can help you create buyer personas, make you write better product descriptions, and eventually boost sales. Think, if you address everyone in your product descriptions, they will become impersonal and the readers will find them meaningless. It is always better to address customers directly, as if you’re interacting with them personally.

Talking to people can help you know more and understand them better. You can ask your current or potential buyers what search terms would they use if they were to search for any product offered by you.

  • It is Important to Examine Keywords

Now that you are having a list of ‘search terms’ that your target audience would use, you can start comparing them. With the help of tools like Google AdWords, keywordtool.io etc., you can know how many people are actually searching for these terms. It is preferred to go for a keyword or phrase that is somewhere in the middle in search volume. If a keyword has higher search volume, more people are searching and trying to optimize it, making it hard for you to rank or get traffic. While, lower search volume indicates that less number of people are searching for it and wasting time on it will be of no use.

Checking out the websites of your competitors, searching keywords on social media sites, and reading about it can help you come up with ideas.  

  • Audience Sees Things Differently

According to you, your product is the best in market. But the audience has a different perspective, they see things differently. It is easy and might seem a good option to stuff your descriptions with superlatives such as revolutionary, groundbreaking, and one-of-a kind but not being able to prove why it is so can make it misleading.

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