Amazon Hacks and Facts

Amazon Hacks and FactsAmazon Hacks and Facts

Customer satisfaction is Amazon’s first priority. This is the main driver of Amazon’s success. It has helped it to grow into the biggest online marketplace in the world. Amazon always looks for new and innovative ways to bring new products to the market and to streamline delivery.

When designing your listing it is helpful to think of the purpose of the work you are doing. Amazon isn’t Google. People use Amazon to buy goods. They enter Google with the purpose of finding answers to their questions. So, the keywords and phrases that people use to search on these platforms may be very different.

Amazon strives to make the user experience a pleasant one which is why it developed the A9 algorithm. This ranking algorithm ensures that the customer gets exactly what they seek when they search for products on Amazon.

Amazon designed the algorithm after analyzing masses of data and studying the patterns in the traffic. Armed with this information Amazon was able to design a system that would return the best result to the customer.

There are hundreds of thousands of sellers on Amazon selling millions of products and every seller wants to rank at the top of the search rankings. The A9 algorithm ranks product according to customer retention and service delivery as well as relevant, accurate listings.

It’s not that difficult to get your product up the ranks where it can attract new customers. Here are some of the ways that you can get there:

Amazon Listing Optimization

One of the most important ways to rank is through optimizing your listing. Amazon listing optimization services can help to raise your product up the ranks.

· Title – Choose a title that accurately describes your product, one that contains keywords, describes your product properly and is easy to read. Make sure to stay under 200 characters.

· Image – The picture of your product should sell your product for you. Ensure that your product is well represented in high definition so that customers can see all its features and functions.

· Price – Price is an important determinant of how much you sell. Find out what competing product is selling for and price your product competitively.

· Bullet Points – Do not describe your product, point what problem it will solve and how it will help your customer or make their life easier. If you study your competitor negative reviews, it’s here that you can deposition them.

· Product Description – To help the customer to make an informed decision, ensure that your product description covers all the details of your product, including various features and functions. Strive to be as accurate as possible. Customers who feel that they have been misled are likely to return product or leave a nasty review on your page.

· Specifications – Amazon requires data such as weight and shipping size. Make sure that this information is accurate.

· Search terms –Keep the search words relevant and don’t add pointless adjectives. Make sure that your words and phrases are not misleading.

· Parent child listings – make sure that your parent child listings such as size and color information are relevant and accurate.

· Category and sub-category – choosing the right categories and sub-categories is an important part relevancy scoring. Make sure you choose them carefully.

The Most Important Ranking Criteria

There are several criteria that will help your Amazon Europe listing up the ranks

Performance and Conversion

· Sales – the higher your sales, the higher your product will rank in a search, and it goes without saying, that your rank determines how well you sell. Advertising can help to boost traffic to your product listing and this in turn should lead to more sales.

· Customer reviews – four and five stars are where you want to be. Not only will they help you rank, they also give potential customers the confidence to buy your product.

· Answered questions – making a habit of answering customer questions in the local language regularly shows visitors that you care about customer service. It also ensures that visitors to your Amazon Europe listing gain knowledge about your product.

· In-stock rate – Running out of stock will affect your sales and your rankings. You need a robust replenishment system to ensure that you don’t let your customers down.

· Bounce rate – the Amazon algorithm can monitor how long visitors linger on your listing and whether they buy or not. Looking after all of the other elements in the ranking criteria will determine how well you do in this one.

Making the Best of Amazon PPC Keywords

PPC ads provide an essential tool for edging up your sales. To make this really work for you, you must ensure that the campaign is setup properly. It is a sure way to get a great return on your advertising investment. Make sure that your listing title is keyword optimized. Your ads will perform a lot better if they target title keywords. Amazon listing optimization services are geared to help you to make the best of your Amazon ads.

Selling on Amazon in the Age of Covid-19

Covid-19 has changed everything we do. As the pandemic took hold delivery shortcomings were the biggest problems with which buyers and sellers had to contend.

Shopping habits changed as people stayed at home which for online suppliers was a good thing as more people went online to shop. Amazon, in particular benefited. For proof of this look no further than their share price. Health products, baby products and tech products have been the big winners in this environment.

If your products have failed to thrive there is still a number of things that you can do to improve your sales.

· Investigate your competition – know your competition and what they are doing. Ask yourself what they are doing right and what you would improve on? Use this information to improve your ranking.

· Take advantage of Amazon listing optimization services to optimize your ads – Amazon shoppers get plenty of ads. Only properly optimized ads will grab their attention and get them to visit your listing.

· Update your images to high definition pictures and make sure they load fast by reducing their size. This free tool is brilliant to optimize your picture’s size:

· Make sure your listings and A+ content are mobile friendly


Knowing the factors that will help your product to rank up the Amazon search lists is the first step in ensuring that you improve your ranking and your sales.

If you’re selling in the European Union, Margin Business can help you with Amazon EU listing optimization and Amazon EU listing optimization translation. If you want to sell in Europe, it is well worth your while to get local input into the keyword optimization or your listing may miss the boat and fail to gain sales.