PingPong Payments Ryan Cramer was joined by Omar Angri from Margin Business INC.

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PingPong Payments Ryan Cramer was joined by Omar Angri from Margin Business INC.

Margin Business Inc was founded by Emilie and Omar.

They have combined their knowledge, expertise, and skillset and created Margin Business.

Emilie and Omar helped their first client to grow from a small Amazon seller to a multi-million-dollar business. Along the way, they learned all the ins and outs of Amazon and the complex algorithms within different marketplaces. Over the years they have worked with high-level Amazon sellers and continue to improve their product sales and results through their language expertise.

Margin Business Inc has built an amazing multi-lingual team of native speakers and business professionals with extensive Amazon knowledge, who consistently help achieve business goals for clients, resulting in the current position of the company.

The combined effort of the team is what makes Margin Business Inc the company it is today. We are proudly delivering the best and most profitable Amazon listings on EU marketplaces through country-specific optimization and language translation.

Our goal in business is to consistently serve our customers with passion and diligence. We love our business and we look forward to continuing our journey together.