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Helpful Hints for "NewBees"

Helpful Hints for "NewBees"

Paul Croubalian was the first to coin the phrase "NewBee". beBee is growing so fast I created this post to provide some guidance to the new users. This is just a small introduction.

I ask my fellow Bees to share this with the "NewBees" that may connect with them.

Welcome to beBee NewBee!.

Helpful Hints

For a fabulous collection of tips and tricks created by Paul Croubalian click on Getting started on beBee - The big-assed list  I would highly suggest you follow Paul as he is great at coming up with these helpful hints. To follow Paul click on; 

For another helpful writer on beBee for advice on using the Producer I recommend Jim Murray. He recently wrote a piece on formatting your post for readability; bunch of things you can do to ensure optimal readability for your long format posts on bebee

Jim's posts are worth the read no matter what the subject. To follow Jim click on this link:

I recently published very detailed step by step instructions for producing Buzzes and Honey. So you want to produce a little honey!

There are many Bees that provide helpful information on using beBee, Paul and Jim just happen to be the two men from whom I have learned most of what I know. You’ll find many Bees that know the site very well! I wish I could list all the helpful posts and people but unfortunately you would get bored before finishing this post.

For even more information; beBee has a blog site with loads of helpful information;

Got a beBee Glitch or Itch? 

The hive Glitch Itch is where you can post requests or Who, What, When, Where, and How comments/questions. This hive is followed by beBee's Federico Álvarez San Martín (Fede for short) who along with his team is charged with making beBee a wonderful site to visit and use.  

If you have any issues with taming those occasional followers who are fakes or trying to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge in San Francisco I would suggest you use the Report option. You’ll find it below the three dots in the top right corner of the comment box. It is not yet available on the profile page so you can contact beBee for assistance.

Get to know some of the Bees

If you want to get to know more about some of the Bees on beBee then go to the beBee Interviews and Introduction hive: beBee Interviews,  started by Michael Hillebrand it brought a whole new dimension to the site! 

Get to know about some of the Hives through the Franci Hoffman Series/Hive; Hive Talk

Last but not least

Search for hives that interest you both professionally and personally. We have everything! There are over 26,000 hives in several languages. Some are focused on countries or the hive I created Cultures Around the World where people share information about their cultures or ones they have visited. I also started a hive call the beBee Scrapbook which is where the Bees are sharing the beBee milestones as the site continues to grow and improve.

Welcome to beBee!! If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out! beBee is not only a place to discuss business but to connect with those who share personal interests. Have fun with it! It is a young site but is growing fast and is run by people who provide the personal touch. You'll always have someone to reach out to for any questions or concerns.

Again, Welcome to the hives, now join the Buzz!

It’s Great to be a Bee! 

Pamela 🐝 Williams 11/3/2017 · #26

#24 Thanks for sharing @🐝 Fatima Williams! It needs to be updated a little but is still relevant. Welcome to beBee @Romar Bayhon , @Sonali Malvankar and @Rose Anne Mata

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This is great for the new beBees. Thank you @Pamela 🐝 Williams

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@Romar Bayhon , @Sonali Malvankar and @Rose Anne Mata Please read this when you have time. It's a great buzz for you new bees.

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Emily🐝 Bee 19/11/2016 · #22

Thank you for the warm welcome to Newbees and for these resourceful tips! I appreciate!

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Pamela 🐝 Williams 21/10/2016 · #21

Thanks Jared. That's a great hive for new bees to find this

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Jared J. Wiese 21/10/2016 · #20

Sharing in beBee Interviews and Intro

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