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"This Beautiful Fantastic"

"This Beautiful Fantastic"

I'm a DVD person. I prefer the comfort of my own home for watching movies.

I'm also 'picky' about what movies I watch. When choosing a movie I have what you would call the 'it's out' criteria:

    If it is marketed as being filled with sex scenes; it's out.

    If 'suspenseful' is repeatedly used in the film's advertising; it's out. I'm not a fan of sitting on the edge of my seat, I enjoy a good kick-back and want a movie to be entertaining and/or thought provoking.

    Blood, guts, and violence are definitely a no-brainer; it's out.

    Making human beings appear ignorant, unintelligent, buffoons! (we have enough of that in washington); it's out.

    Tyranny; Doesn’t matter if it's historical. I read and therefore I know how horrible humans can behave towards each other. it's out.

So the question arises; what do I look for in movie?

It's actually very simple:

    Five minutes into the movie, I don’t want to have figured out the ending.

    The characters are humans with all their shortcomings. The women aren't all built like models and the men are not all strong-jawed gods with rippling muscles.

    Skillful acting; I've recently become a huge fan of British actors; there's just something about their portrayal of characters.

    Last but definitely not least; the movie makes me contemplative, even after it's ended.

Favorite Movies;

I can't provide a list because each movie that sticks with me; does so for a different reason but I will say I probably have dozens upon dozens of favorites:

But these actors immediately draw me in:

Any Robin Williams drama. I discovered his talent for drama in my late twenties with the The Dead Poet Society and I've been hooked since. I miss him.

Just about any Helen Mirren movie. This was one of my exceptions to violence; I adored her in the Red movies. 

One definite favorites was Calendar Girls, where a group of small-town aging women do one of 'those' calendars. They made the thought of aging a little more acceptable.

Then there is Dame Judi Dench! 

Another of my favorite British actresses, although after Daniel Craig's first Bond movie I lost interest. I have a propensity of losing interests in series because history has proven with each new movie the ‘suspense’ must intensify and as I previously stated; I am not a fan of suspense.

 My love of Judi started with her TV sitcom; 'As Time Goes By' which I found on PBS...(can I take a second to rant about the non-existent funding!, No! this isn’t going political!)

Enjoy a few outtakes;

Then there is; "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" which is jam-packed full of just about all my favorite British actors;

I could go on and on but this started because I took myself out to a movie last night; This Beautiful Fantastic.

I hadn’t actually done any research on the movie because it was a spur of the moment decision. I just felt in the mood for an actual movie theater, buying some popcorn, and watching what I thought would be a chick-flick. I liked the ‘look’ of the movie poster and believed it would be the perfect movie to kick-back and be entertained.

A few basics about the movie:

Not a single sex scene

The closest thing to violence was a broken leg, which you didn’t see happen

The most suspenseful thing to happen was the main character’s fear of plants

The most tyrannical character was the grouchy next door neighbor

    And yet, 

    Despite all these missing components that Hollywood deems necessary for a film to be successful, I enjoyed every minute of this wonderful film. I was transported into the lives of these characters. 

    The movie had some stiff competition, considering the American public’s obsession with comic book characters, and sadly there were only five people in the theater. For my own personal perferences I was totally fine with the small audience; less distraction from the world unfolding before me.

    But even so...

    What has happened to our appreciation for fine acting skills, fabulous story lines, thought provoking scenarios, and a portrayal of the realities of the human condition with all its strengths and weaknesses?

    It ended as it needed to end; with a touch of sadness set-off by a sense of inevitability. But overall there was an appreciation for meeting and bonding with our fellow human-beings. An evening well-spent in my estimation.

    And so: 

    This Beautiful Fantastic.


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    Pamela 🐝 Williams Mar 23, 2017 · #20

    #14 Well, thanks Bill! I didn't see it so much as a movie review as just wanting to share a great movie experience and rant about the limited number of movies that focus on acting rather than violence and sex. Thanks for reading my friend! could use your supply chain brain trying to figure out some of the metrics I'm developing at my new job! It's exciting though, the best part is the design...even if it was all about the journey!

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    Pamela 🐝 Williams Mar 23, 2017 · #19

    #15 She wasn't just the bookkeeper; she was the hero! :-)

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    Pamela 🐝 Williams Mar 23, 2017 · #18

    #16 Agreed Aleta; what I've noticed most about the British actors is they have seem to 'grow' into themselves and gotten better with age. In a world so focused on the young and beautiful its wonderful to see these wonderfully talented actors take center stage! Pun intended :-)

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    Pamela 🐝 Williams Mar 23, 2017 · #17

    #11 Glad you enjoyed it Fatima! I'm going to find the 2nd movie of the Exotic Marigold! I saw Richard Gere was in it so it's a must see, but to be truthful I just have heard as much Buzz about that one LOL! We do just keep finding new ways to use Bee talk don't we!

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    Aleta Curry Mar 21, 2017 · #16

    Loved this essay!

    I think a little sex and violence goes a long way, and these should only be included when essential to the story. Too many directors just throw them in, expecting them to carry the flick.

    I feel the same way about special effects. If they're the star of the show, the show is lacking. It's like makeup, it's supposed to enhance, not smother.

    I could write a book on British actors, so I'll just quit here!

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    Ken Boddie Mar 21, 2017 · #15

    #9 Yes, Pam, and she was also the book-keeper, Muriel, who saved the day in the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.
    "If I can't pronounce it, I don't want to eat it." 🤣

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    We love Movie Buzzes, now if I could figure out how to get a picture of a movie camera here, next to the bee

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    🐝 Fatima G. Williams Mar 20, 2017 · #13

    #12 Bill more like a movie buzz 😆😆😆😆😆😆 Have a great day 🤗

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