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Two Means to an End - An Opinion Piece

Two Means to an End - An Opinion Piece

It dominates my thoughts; the state of the country. 

I've tried to continue my fictional saga but the page remains blank, my thoughts always drifting back to the chaos.

When a glimmer of hope appears it is almost immediately squelched by news-feeds that find their way past the walls of protection I have erected.

There seems to be nothing that the current administration won't do or say to achieve their ends. There seems to be no one in the dominant party that seems to have the integrity, morals, or ethics to step up and put a stop to the outright thwarting of American law.  

The firing of the FBI Director, the public admission that the firing was tied directly to the Bureau's investigations into campaign influencing, and the obvious lack of outrage by the majority of congressional leaders, is disheartening beyond measure...But it was the seemingly unrelated announcements by the administration and the department of justice that has instilled a fear that what has been dubbed the largest democracy in the world is about to turn into a nation forced into a single party dictatorship.

Here are the announcements that set me on edge:

1. executive order launches voter fraud commission

2. department of justice crack-down on crime; charges by federal prosecutors, mandatory sentences;

Before some start jumping to the conclusion that I'm against 'criminals' being punished; let me make my case as to why I think these changes by the current administration and department of justice are two means to the same end: to control the results of the next election;

First; consider the reactions to the changes that have taken place in the last 4 months; 

The People, even those that voted right-wing in November are outraged at the total disregard for the needs and well-being of the people. Our leaders seem to be acting with no-fear, as though there are no political consequences for their actions. After-all 2018 is not that far away and anything that they do now can be over-turned should they loose the loyalty of their constituents and are voted out of office. So why are they so confident that they are untouchable? 

The End of of the Means

Here is my theory; 

What if the violent, drug, illegal immigrant crimes are not the actual target of the changes taking place within the department of justice? What if 'safety of the American people' is not the End of the Means? 

A few quotes from a Los Angeles Times article:

"One former federal judge from Tennessee said he was forced to sentence a low-level drug dealer to life in prison. The defendant refused to take a plea deal for 20 years in prison and was convicted at trial.

“Under no circumstances was this sentence justice,” said the former judge, Kevin Sharp, who has become an advocate for sentencing reform. “We ruined his life.”

In drug cases, Sharp said, the judge’s role in sentencing is dramatically reduced. “I have yet to talk to a judge who says mandatory minimums are a good idea,” he said."

So what does this have to do with the next election?

Last night I listened to a news report that the new commission is requesting that every State provide all information regarding registered voters, including Party Affiliation. This sent a cold chill down my spine and the newscaster shared the same fear I feel, as did the representative of the NAACP; voter intimidation and coercion is on the horizon and if that fails; find a way of taking a person's right to vote. 

To see how your state's laws impact voting rights if convicted of a felony see link below:

Felonies & Voting by State

You may say: "Well if they commit a felony they don't deserve to vote", but before your thoughts go in that direction you might want to read these articles;


You Commit Three Felonies a Day


"a U.S. Attorney can find a way to charge just about anyone with violating federal law. In fact, it's nearly impossible for some business owners to comply with one federal regulation without violating another one. We're no longer governed by laws, we're governed by the whims of lawyers".
Radly Balko 

Or there are entire books on the subject:

Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent

"There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws." 
Ayn Rand

It's easier to lose your right to vote than you realize and an unscrupulous administration would not consider how this would impact your life overall - they just don't want to you to vote on the off-chance you don't support their agenda.

Words Revisited

I thought of a statement from that buffoon in the white house; "I'm not going to try to find out who didn't vote for me".

 I have to ask why he would make this statement? Being the compulsive liar that he is I have come to realize that what he says is opposite of his actual intent.

We're in trouble my fellow Americans and no matter  what party you affiliate yourself; you should be concerned, unless you believe that this country should be ruled rather than governed, whether you believe that our country should move towards a dictatorship rather than a democracy, whether you believe people should have their right to vote thwarted out of fear of retaliation because they do not support the 'right' party. 

Questions, Questions, and More Questions:

Why was disbanding of the commission one of the first acts by this congress? Why has the GOP pushed for the disbandment of the commision since it was created in 2002? Why is the GOP unconcerned for their jobs considering 2018 is fast approaching? 

What is this commission you ask? 

According to their website this is the summary of what they do:

"The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) was established by the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA). EAC is an independent, bipartisan commission charged with developing guidance to meet HAVA requirements, adopting voluntary voting system guidelines, and serving as a national clearinghouse of information on election administration. EAC also accredits testing laboratories and certifies voting systems, as well as audits the use of HAVA funds.

Other responsibilities include maintaining the national mail voter registration form developed in accordance with the National Voter Registration Act of 1993.

HAVA established the Standards Board and the Board of Advisors to advise EAC. The law also established the Technical Guidelines Development Committee to assist EAC in the development of voluntary voting system guidelines.

The four EAC commissioners are appointed by the president and confirmed by the U.S. Senate. EAC is required to submit an annual report to Congress as well as testify periodically about HAVA progress and related issues. The commission also holds public meetings and hearings to inform the public about its progress and activities"

To break it down (According to Wikipedia)

"The EAC is tasked with performing a number of election-related duties including:[4]

    Creating and maintaining the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines

    Creating a national program for the testing, certification, and decertification of voting systems

    Maintaining the National Mail Voter Registration Form required by the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA)

    Reporting to Congress every two years on the effects of the NVRA on elections

    Administering federal funds to States for HAVA requirements

    Administering federal funds for the development of innovative election technology, including pilot programs to test election technology

    Studying and reporting best practices of effective administration

    Communicating information on laws, technologies, procedures, studies, and data related to the administration of federal elections to those responsible for formulating or implementing election law and procedures, to the media, and to other interested persons"

In addition to the disbanding of this commission there is this little bit of information: 

Despite numerous intelligence agency stating uncategorically that our election was hacked, they are refusing to investigate whether someone tampered with the  actual voting machines. 

The right to vote and not to be coerced in our voting decision are supposed to be basic rights in a democratic society. It should concern everyone in the world because the fall of the American democratic process will have ramification across the globe. 

If you believe I am alone in this concern then follow these links:

DHS refusing to investigate hack fo voting machines



Yes, you read that second title correctly. Did our own DHS try to hack the Georgia election? 

And it all started because of mail

What set me off and led to my writing this post? After the election I began receiving mail from the GOP and at first I was amused and then I started becoming concerned when one particular mailing started with the statement:

 "Thank you for supporting the Repubican party"

They went on to sing the praises of the ignoramous in the white house and how my continued support was needed to achive the goals of the new administration.


WHY? would I receive this atrocious mail? WHY? would they believe for a second I supported and voted for the three ring circus that is our federal government. HOW did my name come to be on the GOP's mailing list? HOW or WHY would they assume I supported them in the first place..Then

Just as suddenly as the mailings started, they stopped. When the investigations by the media into the election hacking went full swing the mailings suddenly stopped.

Call me paranoid if you wish but the circumstantial evidence is building and it is my belief that not only should the administration be investigated for election tampering but it should expand downwards to the state level because it is the states that would have provided my information to the GOP and it is the state that could have allowed tampering of my vote. 

Is election tampering something we can ignore? Should we assume that our checks and balances system will prevent this tampering from occurring? The recommendation from the feds is that election machines should not be connected to the internet to prevent hacking. Great! I thought that would resolve the issue of the machines actually being hacked until I read this article: 


I considerd most of the methods to be pretty far-fetched until I read the one about the cellphones. 

How many voters had their cellphone with them at the time they voted? How many 'changes' needed to be made to swing the election? One candidate won the electoral college but the other won the popular vote...In some counties the race was very close and just a few vote changes could have made the difference. It's about targeting the right counties and in many cases that is what it came down to.

The investigations that have taken place have been looking for fraud, but no one is investigating whether a vote; My vote, was actually changed at the time it was cast by modifying my choices. There is a hard-copy of our choices that you see printing as your vote is processed but how many stay long enough to ensure that the choices made were actually choices recorded? If you don't catch it at the time there is no means of retroactively determining that one matches the other. That is something the now disbanded commission would investigate..too bad it no longer exists.

Will your state share your private information with the new commission? 

Will you be the target for coercion? I would be the first to step up and say; "I do not trust the election process in my state". 
I live in North Carolina, the state in which a court ruling found the state leaders had deliberately manipulated voting districts based on racial and economic criteria to enure that the GOP leaders would keep their jobs . 

Just my opinion and some food for thought: 

William VanDorin Jul 10, 2017 · #30

I do not belong to any political party and favor no governmental system as they have all fallen in utter failure in the past. As far as to who is playing us, who holds the largest control of commerce, who profits from armament sales and where are resources centralized? Pursuing such information will render you highly visible to some ruthless people as you have stepped outside the heard. Something to consider.

Brian McKenzie Jul 10, 2017 · #29

A global reset of power, currency, tax & enslavement. We are but livestock to them.

William VanDorin Jul 10, 2017 · #28

#27 True Brian. Antifa is being used as a tool to encourage division. as are we all. The flames are fanned on theology, race, sex, nationalism and fear through suspicion. The dims and pubes are at each others throats over a puppet clown that seems to be off his strings. Consider, what are they distracting us from that would require a ridiculous reality show of this farcical nature? Call me suspicious, but I can not account for this turn of events with reason that does not lead to this conclusion. We are being played globally...

+1 +1
Brian McKenzie Jul 8, 2017 · #27

Yes, lets talk about the G-20 and the looting, rioting, violence and property damage that Antifa is doing this very weekend. And these little masked miscreant hooligans are predominatedly spawned from universities that teach Marx / Lenin as philosophy instead of history / economics while further ignoring the genocide it has caused.
You have fallen in line with the mindless herd. Look around. Antifada has been useful idiots since the 80's, they are not new - nor is this the first time the have been used as a shill gambit.

Pamela 🐝 Williams Jul 8, 2017 · #26

#25 Well at least he's not being a complete and utter embarrassment to the country. He is the laughing stock of the world. When I saw the shots of him at the G20 yesterday all I could think was he looks like a toad perched on that chair and childish to boot. "OOOO look at me I'm sitting with my hero". To be crude; I expected him to 'get off' he was so aroused.
Nothing strong about this weak minded buffoon at all. He can't buy respect this time and everyone is seeing that without daddy's money he would be penniless. You have a problem with a college education? Maybe we should all be mindless drones and fall inline with the herd?

Brian McKenzie Jul 8, 2017 · #25

I know many liberals, I have 6 other ids that they love and blindly accept me as one of their own. For if you want to know the enemy, you infiltrate their groups, subscribe to their news feeds, read their mail, attend their rallies.
And as for the COG - Transition, it is still in play. What the F is Obama doing overseas spreading his agenda to audiences and world leaders? He should go golf or body surf.
@William VanDorin - yes, clearly - I must have oldtimers disease, I dont see the shit show the way the college crowd does. 8?/

Pamela 🐝 Williams Jul 8, 2017 · #24

#15 Thank you David. I'm trying hard to get back into the swing on beBee. I've missed the buzzing.

+1 +1
Pamela 🐝 Williams Jul 8, 2017 · #23

#21 Very very true William. Someone said this to me today: "Everybody is different until you start talking money, then everybody is exactly the same". We're all vulnerable to 'selling out'. I'm the first to step up and admit...I like having money, in this world it equals safety, independence, and we'll all fight for those. When this country was founded it was more about freedom, now it's about wealth or lack thereof.
Most people don't know that many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence died paupers. They literally gave it all for freedom. My personal opinion; there are too many people willing to surrender our hard won freedoms if they would gain financially.