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Top Food Delivery Apps Earning A Fortune

Top Food Delivery Apps Earning A Fortune
What is Food?

It’s not just a source of nourishment; it’s a source of happiness and content. The only true and unbiased feeling in the world is the love for good food.

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.” 
Paul Prudhomme

All you need is just a good food delivery app that delivers delicious food.

There have been many technological advancements in the last decade; Smartphones and mobile apps being one of the most significant ones. If you asked our parents 15 years ago how would they feel about ordering their food from their phones while chilling out on their beds they would consider it a joke while the same question asked to our grandparents 25 years ago would be considered as sorcery. But we are fortunate enough to experience this delightful service at present time.

But order food from anywhere at any time has become a basic function that every best food delivery app provides. The apps mentioned here have changed the outlook of online food delivery app business. They have added such unique features which truly are amazing.

So without wasting any further time let’s have a look at some top food delivery apps that are making people happy and earning good money while doing it.


Just as the name suggests, this app provides a “seamless” service. This app is partnered with hundreds of restaurants providing thousands of menus, but the most notable feature is that this best food delivery service drops all delivery charges, there is only a minimum order criteria to be fulfilled for free delivery. Users can sort restaurants and dishes on the basis of ratings given by other customers.

Seamless provides numerous payment gateways like credit and debit card payments, Cash on Delivery (CoD), e-wallet payments like GPay, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Android Pay. Seamless provides 24/7 support service to its users in case of a problem with the app or any particular food order. With such impressive features, Seamless has become one of the top food delivery apps that are making huge money due to their outstanding service.


Postmates is much more than a food delivery app. This app is for a lot more than ordering cooked food from restaurants. You can get almost anything delivered from Postmates, making it much like Amazon for delivery businesses. This may in some manner make Postmates one of the top food delivery apps there is in the market.

This app company recently formed a tie-up with retail store giant, Walmart; making it the biggest grocery delivery company in the US. Every order has a delivery fee with additional blitz price added at peak delivery hours. If you don’t want to pay a high price every time you order then you must go with their monthly plan, “Plus Unlimited” for $10 per month, which gives free delivery for a month on any order higher than $25.


DoorDash is an on-demand logistic start-up. The specialty of this food delivery app is its “Delight Score” model. It is a combination of different scores given by users on the basis of food quality, delivery speed and popularity, and other features calculated into one score. DoorDash has a Fee structure set up with each restaurant; typically delivery fee is included in the cost of the meal along with other taxes.

Majority of the DoorDash deliveries are completed in less than an hour, which is quite fast compared to other local food delivery startups. Doordash has an advantage over other competitors due to the wide range of cuisines that they offer like European, Korean, Italian, Brazilian, and Mexican besides the more contemporary ones. DoorDash is quite smaller establishment compared to other apps mentioned here but it earns a rightful place because of the special features it provides, making it one of the top food delivery apps earning good money.


GrubHub is probably the largest and most profitable food delivery app company, today. It’s spread across 1000+ cities with 40,000+ restaurant partners to order from. GrubHub has some very interesting features that make it probably the best food delivery service provider.

You get a filtered result of the menu according to the keywords you enter in the search bar. The app uses your current location and suggests food from a list of restaurants near to your location. This app can also remember multiple addresses, so you don’t need to feed a new location every time you place an order. The more you use Grubhub, the better it is at making food recommendations for you by learning about your food ordering habits.

Past orders are also saved in the system so instead of making a new order list every time; the user can select from old orders and place them directly. The app itself is free, though some restaurants may charge some delivery fee or have a minimum order amount to offer free delivery.


If you trust Uber to take you safely to places then you can trust them to deliver your pizzas too. After making a huge name in on-demand taxi service industry Uber launched its best food delivery app, UberEats. UberEats follows the same business model as its parent company for delivering food with similar features like estimate delivery time notification, cashless transaction.

The app just like GrubHub recognizes restaurants near the user’s current location and displays the daily menu from such establishments. UberEats charges on an average $5 for its delivery services but the fee may vary according to customer’s location and UberEats’ fee policies for different cities.


So these were our picks for the top food delivery apps that have made a good fortune for themselves. Reading this article if you are also considering the thought to build a food delivery app then you need the help of the Top Food Delivery App Development Company that can turn your business idea into a food delivery startup reality.