Design Wonderful Pattern & Wallpaper on Windows10

Pattern Maker Backgrounds & Wallpapers Free

Design Wonderful Pattern & Wallpaper on Windows10

An Easy way to transform your single picture into background or wonderful pattern look.

It's a unique idea to designs creative wallpaper and you can update your social accounts.

Make your own wondrous looking background pattern or wallpaper on your Windows Phone & Windows 10 PC or Laptop.

Pattern Maker Backgrounds & Wallpapers is designed for universal windows 10 device.
Pattern Maker is an excellent app designed for Windows 10 devices that let to produce marvelous customized wallpapers.
It’s a full free app and very easy to use. This app works on both Windows Phone & Windows 10 PC. The app helps you to explore your creative pattern and you can also set it on the background for Facebook, Twitter, and more.
Basic Tips: Choose the stickers that you want to design pattern, You can reset the pattern, edit and adjust size, rotation, flip, etc.
** Patterns - A list of 9 different patterns to rearrange the sticker
** Edit - adjust size, padding, rotation, flip to get custom pattern 
** Background color - huge list of colors has been provided to change the background color accordingly 
** Stickers and Camera - choose any sticker to design pattern, or click instantly to make your own image’s pattern.
You can also pick an image from the library and make the pattern background wallpaper and share instantly by sharing option.