How to Benefit from Your Android App Development?

Are you an Android app developer? Then you might know that if the development of your Android app is not done right, you might end up losing the reputation of your app along with the investment that you made. Android platform has the biggest market share when compared to any other platform. Android platform is really popular in the countries of Asia, Europe, and Africa, making it the widely used platform on the planet.

Today, Android is releasing the most apps in its play store and the current count in the app store is over 3.5 million apps. Businesses are really showing interest in introducing their apps in the play store on Android platform with the aim to reap out maximum benefits out of the app. There are many Android development companies that make it to the top but not every company is lucky. There are certain factors that should be considered if you need your app to be successful. Below given are some tips that will help you to get the best from your Android app development.

How to Benefit from Your Android App Development?

Follow the development guidelines by Google

In 2018, Google was gracious enough to introduce new development guidelines for developers. The guidelines are introduced so that the applications on the play store can have the same basic standard that makes the app compatible with majority devices. It is an initiative to decrease the device fragmentation rate of Android platform. The guidelines will make your application more intuitive for the user that will help them understand how your apps work. Many Android development companies in India are following the guidelines for the development of their apps.

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends

It is the second most important thing to do if you want to benefit from your Android application. There are many latest technological trends that are introduced every day in the market and people are always looking forward to getting their hands on them. And if you are able to provide them with the new technology, then your app can be successful. So, it is extremely important to contemplate the new trends in the market and implement it in your app.

Keep an eye on your competitor

If you are planning to generate revenue on your app, it is important to learn and study your competitor. There will be certain mistakes that your competitors are making that you have to make sure that you are not repeating. There are certain features that your competitors may not be able to provide due to certain issues of accessibility, but you have to try your best to provide those features. These will give your application an edge that other apps don’t possess and also don’t forget to add the features of your competitor’s app that make them unique in the market.

Don’t undermine the app design

The bitter truth of today’s development is that developers are more focused on the features and functionality of the app and are ignoring the UX/UI design of the app. The UX/UI design of the app is extremely important if you want your app to look attractive to the users. And to stand out of 3.5 million apps in the store, your design must be unique and must be liked by the users of your app. It is not that the functionally and features of your app are not important. But it is also a wise decision to work on the UX/UI design of your app.

Test your app thoroughly

Testing is one of the best ways to get effective results out your Android app. Testing is an important process that ensures that your app runs smoothly on the user’s device. Launching your app without testing is a total waste of time, effort, money, and resources. Overlooking the testing phase is the biggest mistake that you can do. Testing can bring forth hidden issues and bugs in your application that you can fix.

Be attentive towards the users

It is one of the best things that you can do to improve your app in the future. The users are the best testers of your application and if any bugs or issues show up, the user will come to know about it first. All that you have to do is listen to them in the app review section of the app store. Studies suggest that the out of the 44% bugs found in an application after the alpha testing, 20% percent bugs are found by the users and is posted in the app review section. Hence, paying attention to the users can be helpful to you in the end.

Being successful as an Android app is not easy, because of the fierce competition that the platform holds. The main thing that you should consider is to believe in your application, and never to give up. You should always work on your application to make it better. If you follow the above-given tips you will be able to get the best out of your Mobile app development.