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A Whole Lot Of People

A Whole Lot Of People

''A whole lot of people talking, Trying to make sense. Seems everybody's living on a barbed wire fence'' Rory Gallagher 1971. 

The title of this article is obviously coming from ''Whole lot of people'', a song written by the famous Irish guitarist for the album ''Deuce'' in the early 70s. I particularly like those two first verses. The working title of this article was different though, it actually had a few but one strong contender for a while was '' A few questions about mortality & its heroes''. Sounds rather pompous? You don't have to answer that one :-). 

Yet this was ultimately the topic I had picked. Now I am aware and realize that many of my articles have been wandering around the enigma of obsolete beings so why another one?. I don't know is the honest answer. I suppose I am not the only one because from the time I have penned the first draft (a few weeks ago) and today I have read so many eloquent articles on time, life and death. 

Sniper Alley

As I am about to enter my fifth decade I am becoming ever so conscious about the fact that I probably have less to live than all the combined years to date. In my case and for any body over 50 the next 10 years are very often described as Sniper Alley. A decade whereby some of us will trip over the complications of life and fall under a few lost bullets known as illnesses, un-wellness or simply impairment.

For a few it will be an elaborated health skirmish while for others it will look like an abuse made shift ambush. In any case it will have caught up sooner than initially planned. Our robustness, vigor and overall fitness will be stress tested one more time before being allowed to reach the other side of the critical decennary. 

Personally I am already carrying the weightiness of Diabetes. Paradox is that I am extremely fit and healthy hitherto I am still pretty ambivalent about the fact that this maybe an advantage or a vertical force dragging me down. 

Sometimes I like to think that maybe my subconscious tried to tell me something and spared me a more gravitational calamity by sending me a friendly warning.

The Agnostic Front

For those like me who believe we will never leave the ground and levitate in a new found state it is pretty obvious our soul will not escape thru our tears. 

The most practical among us have probably down to earth questions such as why is heaven not overflown (because that's a whole lot of people isn't it)? The most inclined of us to take a bet on life after death may think about a few advantages such as not being afraid of heights again or not being at risk to rust under the rain. 

The list of interrogations is endless. When it's over are you joining a limited circle of like minds or you just end up somewhere where there is no night blinds?  


The last few years I have seen a few people on the edge of their lives. I heard a few stories about living warriors on the door step of expiry. For many it seems that death was no defeat. Falling was not failing maybe a dying of old hopes at best before a final rest. I don't know where most have found their strength and I am overwhelmed at the thought of many passing with courage, pride and sometimes beauty.

The death of all plans ends the so called glorious experiment that is life. I ponder whether its too scary or maybe it makes it easy to think that there is a possibility to become an astral body. In any case our conscience is thrown at a deep end sometimes rescued only by belief, grief or relief. 

It may sound pretty ( I was about to say bleeding) obvious and I guess  there is really not much to think about when I say I have to do my best with what's left. 

Whatever it is, I fully intent to do this to the full extent because I wont have the opportunity to do it again. 

Get busy livin' or get busy dyin' (Shawshank Redemption)


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Claire L Cardwell 30/11/2018 · #61

@Lada 🏡 Prkic - I think in many ways it would be a shame if we knew... It would give us the worst kind of night before final exams stress let's face it!

+1 +1

#57 Great advice Lada Prkic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

+4 +4
Lada 🏡 Prkic 22/11/2018 · #59

#58 It's most important to take care of our health, but often it isn't enough. Two of my friends died in their forties suddenly without being ill and despite living a healthy life. We never know.

+4 +4
Pascal Derrien 22/11/2018 · #58

#57 ah @Lada 🏡 Prkic I agree with you yet I don't want to avoid those questions either, I suppose my father dying suddenly at 60 from complications of diabetes is probably influencing my thinking process but have no plan to replicate the experience :-)

+2 +2
Lada 🏡 Prkic 22/11/2018 · #57

Pascal, it is said that the fifties are new thirties, so why asking questions about mortality. :-) Whatever we think about life after death, we shouldn't be more concerned about it than the life we actually live. You're fit and healthy despite Diabetes. Go and meet life. :))
"So, let's not hang our heads
The light will show through yet."

+4 +4
Praveen Raj Gullepalli 21/11/2018 · #56

#55 Amen, mon ami! ;)

+4 +4
Pascal Derrien 21/11/2018 · #55

#54 ah thanks 🙏 I was called once prince of darkness but master of morbid is new one ☝️ many thanks for the good wishes and likewise hope to see you commenting when you 102 😉

+3 +3
Praveen Raj Gullepalli 21/11/2018 · #54

From a SciFi Specialist now to Master of the Morbid! ;) You are right though...that Sniper Alley is sure a party pooper ;) It is Surprise Time! Most folks I knew that got the better of us here on this doomed planet had no inkling of their return to the source. They just up and went - in their own weird ways! The expected cause never really effect-ed things! :)

Like someone said, we have been dying from the day we took our first breath - countdown to extinction! Best thing to do with life is get on with it with a smile - and remember one key thing about Breath: The slower you breathe, the longer (and the more healthier) you would live. Accidents apart, the bank account of breaths can be made to last or be burnt out fast. Depending on how long you wanna live :) Here's cheers to a hundred mate - regardless of who is gonna go smiling all the way to that bank...!

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