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Ambitious Outlooks

Ambitious Outlooks

Ambitious Outlooks or The Rise of Ethnic Minorities Thru Music

2018 is the year of the confirmation for Ambitious Outlooks* the famous Irish Music Quartet, their music is played all over Europe and their anthem “Warehouse Blues“ is a masterpiece of eloquence in terms of lyrics combined with the most elegant and innovative guitar riff ever produced the last few years in Europe.

When interviewed by Hot Press Vira Dulu the Irish lead singer and main song writer says the song is dedicated to his father Jaali. “Warehouse Blues“ is telling a story about the lack of Mosques in Ireland in general & more precisely in County Fingal.

The story refers to the years 2012/2013, his dad told him that at that point there were no or not enough funds to purpose build a mosque or two for the 7000 Muslims in Fingal County. Therefore worship and spiritual needs were catered for in obscure and sometimes dirty warehouses situated in impersonal industrial estates.

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