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Chris: hey Matt would you come here a minute, Josh has something interesting on his screen.

Matt: What's the story Chris ?

Chris and Matt are the highest ranked flying officers on HCK C241 while Josh is the navigation expert, there are 9 crew members on board including the three of them. They have been patrolling the area for what seems to be a lifetime now. The three men get somewhat excited and anxious partly because they have not encountered any other ships for a while in this turbulent part of the Xyrax Galaxy.  

Matt: Who are they Josh, what is our database saying ? 

Chris: Josh can you tell us who those guys are ? We better get a head start and understand whether we should be wary of what we may find out. 

Josh: I am on it and I have something guys but this is not really making sense so hang on a minute while I double check the data  

What they see is the Helius Support Squadron Chrysalid (HSS) but the data are not conclusive when it comes to identification and ''port d'attache'' registration. 

Matt: An HSS, really ? I thought this acronym was no longer in use in spatial navigation for a long time now.

Chris: Technically speaking the term has been retired more than 90 years ago man so whoever is piloting this....

Josh: Maybe it's a Haunted Space Ship !! Jokingly interrupted the navigation officer failing to release the tension of the conversation 

It does not make the two officers smile but they agree it is odd alright and therefore decide to send a search party over to the mysterious ship. Most attempts to communicate with the flying object have failed so the most probable option to establish contact is  to get in there. The reconnaissance squad will comprise four guys : Matt, trooper Mc Yntire and Yako plus Dr Ixum bringing his scientific expertise. It is agreed that Chris will coordinate the whole operation from the flight deck.

Chris: Are you guys in there alright over ? 

Matt: Copy that man, we are past the main gateway and soon we should reach the command center. Yako is checking oxygen levels for now

Yako: Hey Matt. Oxygen levels are normal interestingly enough they seem to have been refreshed a few hours ago only.

Dr Ixum: OK guys you can take your helmets off according to what I can read. Yako will go first.

Chris is nervous and uncomfortable especially when the search party confirm that the flying deck  is empty. However it soon become a different story altogether when Mc Yntire who has been wandering on the upper levels break the news that he has discovered three bodies in flying gear. They are all intact but facing the floor down.

Chris: Will you guy scheck for possible contamination before you make any attempt to find who those poor souls are?

Dr Ixum: Contamination protocol complete guys. Its clear and we are good to go for further proceedings.

Matt: Cool, Yako will you reverse the body position with the face up for me please.

Yako: Sure thing just give me a second Matt.

Yako does what he was asked to, he slowly and meticulously alters the cadaver position in order to be able to make a formal identification. However as soon as his eyes meet the face of the corpse he steps back almost immediately from the dead body with a look of suffocating surprise.

Yako: Holy shit !! What the fuck !! What is going on here???

Matt: What's up man, will you calm the fuck down !! it can't be that bad ! Its not the first time you see a dead body !! 

Yako: You better check that one !!!

Chris: Hey guys what's up in there I can see you but you are not saying anything can you report back?

The following minutes bring chaos, incredulity and frankly way more questions than answers. They have not even checked the two others lying bodies providing the difficulty they had to come to terms with the enormity of what they have just found. 

Matt: Chris I hope you are seated because the name tag on the uniform is yours....

Chris: What? You are fucking sure ? only managed to moan the officer.

Dr Ixum: Matt is right but let me run a DNA check first to see what we are dealing with?

Yako: Should we check the others?

Matt: No, not for now Yako let see what Dr Ixum is coming up with on this one

Dr Ixum confirms the DNA match Chris's molecules and this molecule for molecule. So are the genetic information results on the two other bodies belonging to Jack Y and Orgo respectively serving as Chief Mechanic and Spatial Researcher on HCK C241 both men reporting to Chris from a chain of command standpoint.  

Chris: Are you guys dam sure of what you are saying?

Matt: Positive Chris, Dr Ixum ran the test three times, I know it may sound crazy but according to the remains and bone scan the body we have in front of us is you.

Chris: I cannot believe whatever fucked up story this is man.

Dr Ixum: Hang on guys !! added Dr Ixum with a perplex tone 

Matt: What's up Ixum , spit it out !

Dr Ixum: I know it may sound crazy but right now I am not in a position to identify the time or year of death you see?

Yako: I don't get it doc what are you saying in simple terms?

Dr Ixum: Well it is simple and complex at the same time Yako but lets say for argument's sake that forensically speaking I am incapable to confirm whether these bodies belong to the past or the future....


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