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Excuse Me If I Am Not Sorry

Excuse Me If I Am Not Sorry

It used to be only when my world was grey that I didn’t know what to say

It used to be overly fractal until I realized it had become emotionally horizontal

I used to say I wish I would never grow old that I would never grow bold but really I didn’t really care about what was going to unfold

Even when the rain took you to the pain train it was obvious I did not give a shit about what was going on in your brain

You talked about happiness I vaguely answered emptiness, you proposed a hope fest and I came up with an empty nest as my absolute best

I used to think about anger with sheer terror but long ago I had begun to be unimpressed by your torpor

It should have not brought a big frown to see you down to see you perform like a clown

What f I had refused to sign up for your mission, what If I had not given a toss about your fake compassion

I hated being surrounded by your clique and remained defeated by your dishonesty so conveniently pathetic

What If I had said this was pure fiction, would you have stopped to look for an hypothetical accentuation

What were the people going to say there was a mention, perhaps many would came to see a tormented prey in a fab mansion

Excuse if I am not sorry that I was so glad to no longer be part of your story 

Excuse me if I am not sorry for having spoiled your sordid party

Excuse me If I am not sorry for saying it to your face

From your existence without a trace

Disappearing I could not wait 


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Pascal Derrien 23/12/2018 · #29

#28 thanks @CityVP 🐝 Manjit this is a very comprehensive comment and I am glad you took time to lay out your thoughts about the You and I 🧐

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CityVP 🐝 Manjit 23/12/2018 · #28

The challenging part of this for me is in recognizing that the YOU and I is the same person and what creates uncertainty in this stream of consciousness is the doubt that the I here is more wiser than the You. That is a different view than the YOU-YOU and OTHER-YOU I outlined in my buzz "The CityVP Window" which is the personal rather than impersonal relationship with the other you (relationship). This buzz touches the Monadic aspects in the CityVP Window.

That power of self-reflection should be viewed as the I that is You and the You which is actually the Image of You. That image of YOU is only separate from the I by the way we have taken onboard what our experiences gave us, as well as what the image or hope we have for ourselves that is either not the "I" we are or the "I" we want to be. So for sure, just explaining what I am reading here leaves a guessing game, but that is the absolute value of this buzz - the whole purpose of a self-reflective experience is creating clues and guesses that we can then peel away.

So it is not important to know exactly what we mean so long as the thing we run with is not running from our own truth. Only you know what the I and You is when it is unentangled - but so much better than being entangled by our thoughts and provide no escape routes for self-reflection. I like the starting image, I am a great fan of the finger of inner peace.

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Praveen Raj Gullepalli 22/12/2018 · #27

#24 Kennie Bee...and now you will never quite forget it ;)

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Praveen Raj Gullepalli 22/12/2018 · #26

#22 Sure got your mojo running ;)

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Pascal Derrien 22/12/2018 · #25

#23 ah thanks for that one Sir @Paul Walters 🙏

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Ken Boddie 22/12/2018 · #24

#22 Funny that you guys should bring up boomerangs. I was playing with one the other day and couldn't quite remember how to get it to come back. Then, suddenly, it hit me. 👳‍♂️

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Paul Walters 22/12/2018 · #23

@Pascal Derrien . An absolute cracker!!

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Pascal Derrien 21/12/2018 · #22

#21 Indeed the funny thing is I was working on two other pieces for January and this one came up as a boomerang in less than two hours I guess it was long time coming @Praveen Raj Gullepalli :-)

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