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Ignorance is No Excuse

Ignorance is No Excuse

The title of this article is loosely inspired by the title of an LP called Innocence is No Excuse from a Brit band called Saxon. I guess it is probably a pretty unknown outfit to most but well respected for those who are familiar with NWOBHM (new wave of British heavy metal).

By just stating the above I realize that either I am becoming judgmental or more than ever I am just conscious of a generational gap between me and the generation shaping this world. In the end maybe its an impartial sentence conceding I am just getting old and bitter.

So we are in the 4th industrial revolution apparently, data its called, some even call it BIG data just to make sure we understand how massive the impact is on our lives. They swear by it, they live by it and they reckon it will save the world.

Sad state of affairs if you ask me when Tech founders like Steve Jobs are held on heroes pedestals or human icons, grim future ahead if Facebook is claiming to change the world for the better, even worse when YouTuber is the trending profession or when a kid genuinely and mistakenly quote Operation Cobra from an X-box game on his D-Day school project. 

Leadership and inspiration has been left to the Kardashians, Putin is a humanitarian at heart and Trump is...  well you know about that one. The only rally Millennials get mobilized for is when they queue  at an Apple store to get their hands on the latest device from the same brand. I don't know you but increasingly I have found myself surrounded by a generation of rebels without a cause.

Sunnydayers (its a new word) are mainly obsessed by posting selfies on Instagram and other Snapchat, most of them with a keen and strong sense of entitlement. Welcome to the global republic of ostrich, a world where the only thing you aspire to is to be rich (and on tablet TV).

I am sorry Millennials but if you are meant to be smarter than us I need more evidence in order to be convinced, we lived in troubled times and if the only thing you can produce is like me if u can that is as inspirational as a blank stare at a smartphone.

I know there are exceptions but inspiring stories about social forces seem pretty scarce at the moment or maybe they are just not relayed because they aren't financially viable. I guess the message of goodwill, commitment and empathy is as blurry as a cryptocurrency wallet.

To be honest it is more than likely my generation has failed to inspire you too, we probably have some big responsibility in having maybe abdicated in front of previous obstacles. I guess it is reasonable and correct to acknowledge our accountability in mass producing a generation of Zombies.

Hey old fart you sound like a broken record. Maybe I am but I don't see much commitment, courage or conviction in making the hard choices currently in the Western world. Young westerners seem too busy ignoring emerging forces from developing countries. 

The global conscience seems to have as much depth and reach in the minds than a Groupon discount voucher. But what do you expect when riding in Uber is the ultimate disruptive statement, when Airbnb is the height of alternative travel and joining the hipster brigade is the new punk. 

Short cuts are taken everyday (like the one I took above :-)) when it comes to collective memory, but sarcasm apart, I must say the whole thing does not sit well with me. 

I know people are saying that they are young and don't know any better, hmmm yeah... but actually no

Ignorance is no excuse

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Pascal Derrien 26/2/2018 · #29

#28 Indeed John we sometimes make up stories we end up believing in :-)

John Rylance 25/2/2018 · #28

Thomas Gray states " Ignorance is bliss its folly to be wise"
There is some truth in it think how life changes when we find out there is no Father Christmas, that our parents don't know everything etc.
Ignorance is often a sign of innocence, or so we tell ourselves when we break a law. I was unaware of the prevailing speed limit Officer.
How often do we say to others I don't want to know what you are up to.

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Ken Boddie 7/2/2018 · #27

#26 I guess an “old fart” by any other name would smell as sweet?

+2 +2
Pascal Derrien 7/2/2018 · #26

Thanks uncle @Ken Boddie you know that age is just a number . that some of us can't read 😉

+2 +2
Ken Boddie 7/2/2018 · #25

Hey, Pascal, if you are an “old fart” then I must be an archaic flatulant. I greatly enjoyed this dummy spit.

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Lisa Vanderburg 6/2/2018 · #24

#23 You pose important points @Harvey Lloyd; can we ever regain our humanity? Is it like wishing for our lost innocence? The irony of the dawn of the industrial revolution has so quickly brought us from all that wonderful enlightenment to the greed-filled, scared beasts we are. Poverty, as you say, is both of mind and body and we can bleat, but what help are we? What happened to common decency, humility, manners, the small yet essential part of us? If we impart these values to our children, society seems to crush them and they're outcast. Stupid bleedin' humans!

+4 +4
Harvey Lloyd 6/2/2018 · #23

#22 We look at industry as the destroyers of society and ideal futures. This is a political perspective that started back in the fifties. Give the voting populace something to hate, blame etc and we can offer to fix it.

No industry produces and sells what we want. Wer want security and protection so that we can go about our lives while others do their job at security. We don't want to know how this is accomplished and don't want to know.

But when we are exposed to it and it is shown as barbaric we cringe at such human behaviour.

You have three people in front of you. One has planted a bomb that will kill thousands and you have no way of evacuation. You know the timeframe is short, not sure how short but is within hours. Its your job to secure your town, city or people.

Whatever your choice is to get the info is yours to live with. Secondarily if your choice left the three alive what do you now do with the guilty party?

These are tough question that i have had to ask myself. I didn't cause the setting/situation. My job is to make a decision within this mccabe situation. Yet there is no good decision here. All of them suck.

Each day we are faced with situations when we include the world. Is it arms sales or people who want security, power or wealth. Do we not all desire some of these in varying degrees?

Lawlessness will always be with us, the larger question is how have we become desensitized to this in such away that we have lawless people in charge?

We broke the human barrier a few decades ago with power and wealth, this will be a difficult cat to get back in the bag again. We can have arms and still be human. We destroyed each other when we only had sticks and we will be destroying one another when we have brain wave cannons that shoot from our eyes.

Humanity needs its code back and all need to live within it.

+3 +3
Lisa Vanderburg 6/2/2018 · #22

#12 #13 #19 I truly hope that we have learned from our past mistakes and that we are indeed evolving to become a better humanity. I also hope that 'something' we lost @Harvey Lloyd, doesn't just turn out to have anything to do the arms-race biz.
'Wisdom is to be shared and not leveraged against someone or something.' Amen to that, brother!

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